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RE: Crowdsourcing the Future w/Marketing Plan Announcement

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So, for two times in a row now, the major announcement has been that there's a major announcement that will take place in the future.

Also, what I got from this is that you guys have no ideas, and are placing the responsibility to come up with ideas and do the work on the community's shoulders.

Why are you two being paid again?


To be quite honest, there will always be future announcements, because I intend to share what we're doing here as much as possible. But that must be digestible, or what's the point? So it will always come in stages, in phases, if I can help it.

For example, I could give you an essay on the necessity of communities, on our current challenges with communities, on what kinds of communities are most likely to help Steemit grow, on how to reach those communities, on how to overcome the concerns of those communities, and how to organize the effort to actually pull on those communities... but what would be the point? Few would read it, and fewer still could act to solve the problems... or I could present the overview, and slowly dive deeper into each individual challenge, so by the end you know exactly what our challenges are, and what we're doing to solve them.

For example, we don't even have a central place to post marketing ideas, or proposals, or to coordinate our time and energy for those proposals once we agree we should be doing them.

So I'm focusing on laying the foundation. And that's going to take time, because we're building this to last beyond today, or tomorrow, or next month. We need a coordination system that can scale with growth. Because ideas, while great, are cheap, and implementation is very expensive.

I'm doing the implementation now, so everyone else can share the great ideas. Please bear with me while I lay this foundation.

Steemit - if you can't get paid for constructive comments get paid to troll instead :D

Implying this comment was trolling? It wasn't.

Why are you two being paid again?

You're right. This isn't an inflammatory rhetorical question surely.

I'm genuinely worried, because the STEEM blockchain is the most impressive out there, and I'd hate to see it going to waste.

STEEM is a much better currency than bitcoin, for instance.

And I personally want a financial revolution sooner rather than later.

Well we have 3 options.

We can sit and wait patiently, doing nothing and letting others handle the growth.

We can play our own part, spreading the positive message of what this revolutionary tool can do for us, as suggested by the marketing team.

We can put pressure on people who are doing the work for us to do our jobs faster so that we don't have to work or find the patience and we can just piss and moan instead until we get what we want.

Personally I see option 3 to be destructive to the cause. I won't pretend I think what the marketing team is doing is wonderful but it's a start and it's more than I'm doing since I'm lazy (well also busy of course). But I can only be grateful for what they do since I'm not the one paying them.

excellent beanz

Forgive my ignorance but who is the marketing team?

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