I’m inviting all my fellow STEEM citizens to do “7-Seconds” Twitter marketing for our Blockchain

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I’m sorry to say this but I find so many people promoting posts, and so many service to promote posts within our Blockchain. But there not many people are promoting our Blockchain

Who is gonna promote our Blockchain ?

“You and me”

Not judging anyone, I wanted to kindly request everyone who are part of our Blockchain to do at least 7-Seconds of marketing on Twitter

I’m really hoping to see you guys on Twitter with #STEEM hashtag. Just imagine if we spend 7% of the time we spend on all the Discord servers on Twitter and we can showcase our Blockchain to the world

Thanks a million and I truly appreciate each and everyone who are part of our Blockchain

Ps. Sorry I will not be responding to any comments on this post because I’m too busy marketing our Blockchain with Twitter


Putting on my thinking hats to promote. Learning the PR skills to promote too. Great idea.. I am thinking the 7_seconds, is it live video you meant?

My hope is that people will promote great posts they see here on any topic. Add the #steem hashtag but also others. So:

You see a good post about a tourist attraction in Japan.
Tweet it with enticing text and #travel #japan #steem

This way a person seeking travel or japan will find the tweet and notice it is from steem. If we are only tagging with steem this will only be seen by other steemers and people searching for news of the coin.

This is an example of how not to do it. You do not see the photo since I have them turned off to save wifi. But it is an excellent photo as are all in posts by @slowwalker.

tweet with more than steem as a hashtag.PNG

This would be a great tweet if it had some tweet text and the hashtags #korea and maybe #sculpture or #art or #asia. If anyone cares about korea and goes to this blog they will see post after beautiful post getting great rewards - all focused on korea and mostly temples.

So that random person might think, "I post about temples in India. Maybe I could post on steem too and get good rewards as well." (For example.)

Currently the only reason this is tweeted is to get an upvote by nathan on the comment left by the steemer. Do this daily since that is our current paradigm of course, but try to entice twitter users as well.

I have not been too inspired the last couple of days, but you can see my efforts in this direction on my account, fitinfunfood, and bxlphabet. I think my son is doing better than me these days, He's been excited to find good posts to comment and tweet for this project and is focused on art.

Also tweet your own good posts with the same hashtagging pattern in mind.

We have amazing action on twitter now and with fine-tuning we will only get better.

I think nathan is going after the people who do not want to tweet at all from steem with this post. This is 90% of us at at least. You already do much more than 7 seconds @iamjadeline. If more people would just tweet once a day, we would do a lot better so I hope this is a success.

This is a good post itself to explain @fitinfun, as in how to Tweet better. I wish I can resteem this comment.

Let us improve in tweeting and do better to reach out more. :) I am learning and trying to improve daily.

I will copy it and put it into one of my twitter tips posts later. You are one of the people who does the best there. Be consistent daily and that's it. If everyone was like you we would be doing a lot better.

But many people are busy chatting away in discord to those who already here and afraid to go on Twitter at all, so this is who this post is aimed to.

@fitinfun, I fully agree with your excellent ideas for promote #steem on Twitter much better. You got only one post of steemit. If you look my previous #steem promo posts on twitter you can understand what I did before. I added more valuable hash tags for different kind of posts. I never try to get instant upvote from @nathanmars. Everything I did after made comment. Before I never try to get rewards. I very prefer to see get benefits anybody from steem blockchain. Don't misunderstand my feedback. I decided to comment you coz you mentioned my twitter promo post.

However mainly I want only promote #steem. So I decided to use only this tag. Also Nathan's hopes same. But sometimes I added extra description of some posts. In future I'll do my best mam.

I know you do well there @madushanka and this is just an example I grabbed. You are one of the people doing well on Twitter now nd plase keep up the good work.

But you are not the only one who has tweets like this. Nathan's post from a few days ago says:

  • make a good comment on a steem post.
  • tweet it with the hashtag #steem

his post says that if you do that he will upvote your comment, so I assume you got the upvote on your comment to this post you tweeted if you have a good comment on it.

I tweet all my tweets in hopes of getting an upvote from nathan now. I used to tweet good posts with #steem. Now I make sure to leave a good comment too in case he sees it. Why would you not? Rewards are the name of the game here and this is an action you can take to get them now.

But the second part of this is to make your tweet enticing to outsiders and this is what my comment is about. Few on twitter who are not steeming care about steem and we are trying to change that and make them look.

Appreciate your understanding @fitinfun. I'll do my best with your excellent recommendation 😊

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A tweet impact lasts 17 minutes, so no action is too little :)

There is no video streaming @iamjadeline....I took it as taking out 7seconds to just share the link on Twitter. People are not doing it...we need to hustle Steem on Twitter

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Ahh... Okay. Consider it done as we can sure do more than 7-seconds in a day. 😉 Guess everyone is learning and trying their best.

yes, you can go life on twitter via periscope.

This is so true! I have found it so easy as all we need to do is press the share button with a short phrase to promote the post! I have been increasingly sharing not only my posts but those of others that could help demonstrate the attractiveness of our ecosystem externally.

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Honestly discord servers are where people live because it brings them money and connection, but they forget the growth of steem is what really makes them wealthy and not the other way round, if people where to spend 7% of their time on twitter, imagine the massive audience and the statistics? I'm right with you on this one and I'll keep helping to create #steem awareness

I agree😉 Resteemed!😁

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Feel free to use this, if you like...

agreed always do the #steem in most posts

Can be share your posts on Twitter with #STEEM...
This will help you to see your post from a lot of steemens ..
. And if it's high quality is going to be a great promotion of Blockchain

I dont like Discord and never did. I love twitter but I am back in China and my VPN isnt working. Unfortunately I am missing all the action and I hope my issue gets resolved soon.

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This is really bad news. I noticed that you have been in China for more than four years, so I think that you will solve this problem soon.good luck.

Thank you. This happens from time to time. I need to really think about whether I should stay here.

I am so sorry to let you have such a bad experience in China.

Great idea promoting steem on twitter with #steem tag.

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On Twitter, we don't need RC. So we can spreading words without problem. So, let's spread the word about STEEM on Twitter

Lately I caught myself thinking what would be if I had to wait half a day before I can "like" a tweet. That idea gave me the chills. (In a negative way.)

I Agree with you. Sure.. I'll make 7 second promote on Twitter.
I only try to promote #steem tags on Twitter. Loving your positive initiative.

I'm so glad you are doing this. You have my 100% support on this!
It's about time I see someone actually using his power to help out the blockchain instead of for his own good!

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