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I did not mean to write anything today for a #MarketFriday, just because I did not shopping recently. And suddenly, I got a parcel - my order arrived yesterday. 🎁

This product is something that always bring a holiday moon to our house. And I realized that I must share it with you! Besides, I am sure that @dswigle will like it too as she is always a source of a sunny mood.

So, finally what is it?


Dodo Socks

It is the unique young Ukrainian brand.🧦

Remember the bright moment of your life - its mood, color and emotions. Now imagine how these emotions turn into a picture.

That is how they came to the idea of capturing happy moments of the life into a color and a picture. All their socks are expression of personality, humor and even fetish.


When my friend told me about this brand, I was looking for a small but not trivial gift for my husband. When I open their website, I fall in love with these guys at a glance. Besides, the quality is also very good and eco-friendly.

Of course, I ordered several holiday sets of 3 pairs each - for my husband, daughter and mom. As for me, I often postpone myself "for later".


Sometimes when I look at them on the website they are a bit too extravagant. But when I see my husband wear them, I smile and feel joy every time. And envy him ...😊😏

Just look at them - they were his favorite for this winter, aren't they sweet?



So, at the end, I couldn't stand it and make an order for myself. Thanks to my daughter Nat, it became a family ritual - to open a package with new things. We always do it together no matter how long awaited it is.

Yesterday I had to wait when my husband is home. We opened a package and here is what I have for myself:


This is their new space set.🌘 It looks fantastic, I love every single print, and also the fact that there is a small difference between left and right one.

Next two: one has a print is about cute ghost and the second just has an eloquent name "150 ml" 🍷



Here is one with print dedicated to famous Ukrainian physicist and electrical engineer Ivan Puluj and X-Rays. I am almost sure you don't know what do they have in common.


Quote from Wiki to explain what I mean:

While Professor Puluj's finding were essentially X-rays, he did not recognise them as such at first, although he demonstrated X-ray pictures of a hand and fingers obtained by using his tube / lamp to his students. This credit later went on to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Once Roentgen visited Professor Puluj's laboratory and the latter presented one of his tubes to Roentgen. Roentgen went home and in his laboratory started to conduct experiments with Puluj's tube.
On 8 February 1896, just 6 weeks after Röntgen presented his finding about X-Rays, Puluj published his own findings in the French journal La Nature in Paris. His work was republished in various European scientific journals. Puluj would release further images of human body parts, including an image of a fractured human hand, and would suggest possible medical usages of this new technology.

Of coure I could not left my husband without a gift. As he is a cyclist with great experience, this pair is right for him.


The second one has same print as mine with X-rays and skeleton. I could not find it today, looks like he put them on to the office

And this is what I wear today - Monsters!


Fewwww, I did not think it would turn into so many words. If I like somethink I can talk about it ... for hours.


Thank you so very much for your time and patience! Your support is always highly appreciated!

I am with @qurator, do you?


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These socks were absolutely adorable! I first want to say that my family also has the same tradition in which we wait until everybody is home before we open the package. I have no idea how it started, but it was probably when the kids were little and it was always a surprise from the grandparents that would make us wait to be together. It's probably silly but we love it!

I love crazy, silly, colorful, happy socks! I only wear them in the winter because normally it's too hot during the summer to wear them, but almost everybody in my house where is some kind of fun sock. These were simply over the top fun! I fell in love with them right away! We going to look them up on the internet to see if I can find them because I think I would have worn any one of them.

I especially liked the piece of history that you put in with the X-ray socks and you are right, I did not know what they had in common. I am in love with the bicycle socks and I love your monster socks. This was an absolutely fun post and I am so glad that you brought it to us. Thank you once again for bringing to me such a wonderful and cheerful post. This one made my day! I appreciate the time and effort spent photographing and putting a post together. As always, I hope you have a most wonderful weekend!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed


Thank you dear Denise for your sweet words!
That is so great to know that you have the same family tradition to open package together! ❤ My daughter Nat started it when she was a schoolgirl. Boxes and packages with gifts and new things from shopping is her passion!
Also, we often make orders on the net for a whole family. My husband is very good in packing and unpacking things, but Nat is upset if he open it without her 😄 She is 23 now, but still make us wait )) Sometimes she let us open our stuff but what is for her - noway )))

I just thought, that making a gift for someone (the process when you decide, search, go for it) make us more happy than those who is the gift for 😊 Well, except kids of course

It's silly but it's kind of fun actually! It started out because I lived far away from my family and they would send things to me and then later on the kids and it was always something special, and so it has continued.

And to tell you the truth, it is still fun and so I still do it.

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Thank you, my friend!

I love your socks! The prints are great. I like fun socks too, as long as they fit well! I'm glad you finally got yourself some. But I think the bicycles might be my favorite. 😄

How nice to meet like-minded people!

That bicycle pair was a hint for my husband. It is gwtti g warmer, and I can't wait when we open our bicycle season. But have to wait when he will make an annual maintance to his bike 😉🚴‍♂️

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Howdy zirochka! These are all such wonderful designs! What fun, I love that sock company. lol.

Hey, the had your election results on our news tonight, the Comedian guy won, is that who you wanted to win?

No way!
The results showed how much our society is unconscious. It still hopes for the "King" who magically will set the order everywhere and do everything wihout their partisipation and effords.

A Clown without any political background, who did mothing for the country (except tv show), but had well-conducted info campaign, is believed more than the President who really did a lot for my country for his 5 years, but failed the information battle.

Aittle consation for me is that all people I am in touch with voted for present President same as me. But it is all very very sad and disappointing (((((

oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. They only showed one person interviewed on the tv about the election and she said that the country was in such bad shape that they wanted change and the new guy they hope will bring change.
That is very disappointing for sure and you are right, it shows how people are still have no knowledge of the situation.

Thank you for your words of suport. We are so upset these days, me and my husband. Hope that rely not all depends on new president and those, who's manipulating him...

Howdy again zirochka! I'm so sorry to hear that. So you guys know who is backing the comedian guy?
Have you thought of moving? Do you know how much money you guys could make in Texas? Our economy
in Texas is exploding and everyone is hiring, you could both get high paying jobs immediately.
But, if you moved here you'd have to wear cowboy hats. lol.