Market Friday Random places around NYC

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Market Friday Random places around NYC

A post for Market Friday hosted by @dswigle, if you haven't followed her yet you should she is one of the kindest and most supportive people here on Steemit, a comment from her is like a ray of sunshine on your page.
This is the one tag and daily challenge that I always make a point of joining, and also look through the posts of others that join the challenge and seeing markets from all around the world.

For this weeks post, Well, let's see, there is really no theme which I normally try and go for just some random shops I have seen and got shots of around the city

Starting with Bar 87 funnily enough on 87th Street, fo no other reason than when I was walking past it I thought it has a European kind of feel to it and took a shot of it
and in contrast you have the street vendor also in this first shot

1 Market Friday in NYC_.jpg

Sony A7iii 26mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 200
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In fact, I liked it so much I had to zoom in and e detail of the signs on the corner of the building

1 Market Friday in NYC_2.jpg

Sony A7iii 69mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 250
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And what caught my eye first with this next shop was its rich greens but then I noticed its a butchers shop something I haven't seen to many of in NYC, I guess most people buy most of their Poultry and meat from the bigger supermarkets these days, back when I was growing up I always used to enjoy going with my parents to the Butchers shop to get our supplies for the week, seeing what they had picked what was wanted and getting it cut the way we wanted.

1 Market Friday in NYC_3.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F7.1 1/100 Sec ISO 100
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Now this next one I am not showing the whole shopfront but this cool bike they have on display outside, I am not sure how functional it is but I think it looks pretty cool

@dsiwgle if the bike is functional its even more fuel efficient that your nice new Hybrid :)

1 Market Friday in NYC_5.jpg

Sony A7iii 53mm F7.1 1/60 Sec ISO 500
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Of course if you were riding around the city on that bike you may burn up a lot of calories and be feeling a bit hungry , why not stop in and refuel at the Metro Diner

1 Market Friday in NYC_4.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F7.1 1/60 Sec ISO 500
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.780129 lat -73.955044 long 87th and Lexington Ave NYC d3scr

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Awesome photos it doesn't even look like America more like you are in Europe especially that first shot and i agree i use to love going to the old school butcher shop seeing all that meat freshly cut up in front of 😀 ...and do love that wooden bike very usually 😀

Thanks kindly 😎👍😎
That’s the cool thing here you have all kinds of style
I do love real butchers it’s been so long since I have been to one

As for the bike 🚲 I wonder if it’s rideable I could see myself riding a bike like that

The good thing you still see the butchers here in Thailand but not back home in my country. That bike would be interesting to ride you certainly would get a lot of heads turning 😀

I should have guessed you have them there in Thailand
Ohh yeah that bike would sure get noticed

Yep i like going to them to pick up my huge fresh pork chops :)

Haven’t had pork chops for so long your missing out on some great proteins 😀

That’s true may have to get some soon

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I think I should start writing a my market friday post... Looks like beautiful sunny day...

Its one of my favorite challenges on here :)

Great as always my friend. I upvoted and resteemed this post
For what little bit it is worth now. Love you @tattoodjay

Thanks My friend and have a great weekend

And you as well. Be safe.

I will do my best

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Beautiful photos of establishments with character. And I love that wooden bike! Interesting bikes always draw attention to a place.

Thans and yes the same for me even thought i dont have a bike now I always am checking them out when walking around the city love whenI fed ones like this that have style

I really love that old rustic look on the first two photos. Great shots!

I really love that
Old rustic look on the first
Two photos. Great shots!

                 - lenasveganliving

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks Thats what caught my eye about it, its has such a cool feel to it to me is kind of welcoming

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Thanks for sharing these shots @tattoodjay. I would love to be able to explore some of those little establishments. I bet there are some hidden gems in there

Ohh Yes there sure is, back when I was able to drink I used to like doing evening walks find little out of the way places to check out ;)

Muy hermosos esos locales comerciales,la bicicleta muy linda con su cesta,aqui estan cerrados la mayoria de los negocios,es triste!me alegra ver como en otros paises todos viven bien,aqui estamos pasando hambre y penurias si nos enfermamos,estoy aqui como medio de trabajo para ayudarme pero ahora las recompensas son muy pocas y no he hecho nada,gracias a los de buen corazon que me dan su aporte cuando pueden,saludos y bendiciones para usted,tengo una amiga que me apoya @dswigle con sus tip,una gran mujer bellisima

I have traveled a lot over the years and it is still shocking to me to see the contrast between countries in the standard of life it is so sad to see :(

I think the bike is working quite well. At least it’s like real :-))

you may well be right I would love to take it for a ride ;)

Perhaps the tree is only superimposed on the metal. Sometimes I do this with other things to make them more interesting.

That is possible of course i will take a closer look the next time I pass one of these

That's a pretty cool wooden bike, i wonder if its just for decoration or if it actually is functional.

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I do wonder the same I would love to take it for a ride i must say :)

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I installed what I thought was the latest version 2.0 Last night and use dit to post this I though will check

Great, Latest Android version here:
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OK that makes sense thenI am using the IOS app

Very interesting sights and photos JJ, I really like that Bar87 sign and the design of the building that it's in, amazing!

Thanks kindly, I did really like that place it has such character

You have a great eye for finding unique places there!

There really isn't much better than a good locally owned butcher. They will go the extra mile to take care of you every time if you are nice to them.

Ohh yes I do agree, When we move next year I will be looking for one in my new area

Oh, just right up my alley, a post like this!! Thank you and I do love perusing the city like this. I still find it fun and still miss it. Some days. And then I go back and look for parking and a decently priced anything and remember why I left. :)

I still go to the butcher shop, JJ! @tattoodjay There are tons of them here, although I know a lot of people use the big grocery stores. I still like going to a place that will do it my way. And take my order over the phone and KNOW that I like thick steaks and thin pork for scallopini.

It feels good having someone who knows you. Yes?

Most wonderful post and hey!!! I would have found my bike sooner if you had spelled my name right! :) It may be a player for the economy. Thanks for thinking of me! :)

As always, I love your posts! Always and forever!~

My sincere apologies for such a late reply! Due to the site going down with the Hard Fork, I am running late with the replies! I am so sorry and hope this isn’t becoming a bad habit!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and Steemed


Ohh yes I know what you mean about Butchers and being able to order things just as you like them some supermarkets do kind of have butchers but I find them generally hit and miss for understanding what you want especially as staff seems to rotate in those so quickly

Never feel the need to apologize for a lte reply I know how many entries you get and how findign the time to keep up with them is so hard, and you also know I am so easy going I prefer apologizing than being apologized to LOL

and lastly I do love Market Friday as well its my favorite challenge

Well, this week, I had the hard fork to thank!! :)

Ohh yes you normally manage to catch up with them all during the week but take away a day and a half with the issues, must put you under so much pressure

Pressure? What pressure? :)

LOL you dont fool me :)

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Thanks so much for the tip @dswigle you are always so generous :)

My pleasure!