MarketFriday – Funny shopping

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Hi, Steemit!!!

  Today is #MarketFriday!!!

In the markets and in shops many different goods are on sale. Some of them are funny, and with some I don’t know what to do. For example with these huge glasses!


To drink any of them is not suitable. Perhaps it is just for home decor. I do not really like it :))))

In another store they sold various caps. They had funny stickers.



Everyone can choose a cap according to their character :) I wonder who will choose a donkey? :))))))

This store has a funny advertisement. What would it mean? Probably if you buy their product and use it, you will become like this advertisement :)))))


Have a nice Friday !!!


#MarketFriday by @dswigle


Them huge glasses would be great to mix a big cocktail in and share at a :)

only sir hangin would get away with something like that!

Most certainly sir janton and they love :)

lol! spoken like a true maniac!

That's me ...hehe :)

I'd use those huge glasses as small tea light holders. I've also seen them everywhere, but this is the first time I stopped and wondered what they are for... :-)

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I still do not know their purpose :))))

In actuality, it was big glasses are where they put smaller candles that you light in your house, most of its use is for Ambience only. When you want a little bit of light and you are simply having a glass of wine and talking with your husband oh, it has an atmosphere of peace. Something like that anyway.

The hats are kind of silly and you wouldn't catch me wearing one of those. Unless I was desperate. I have been desperate for some days. I'm not sure which animal I would choose but perhaps I would choose a lion because I am a Leo. If I become what that story is advertising then I pretty much need to stay away from it. Run far and run fast!

As always I thoroughly enjoyed your post and found it certainly very very amusing! Thank you so much for your support and friendship! Always appreciated! Sorry, I am sooo late with these replies, but, did resteem them last Friday. I am just pokey this week!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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wow !!!! this is a wonderful thought !!! probably you are right about these big glasses !!! if someone suddenly gives me something like that, I will know what to do with it!
hee hee hee))))) I completely agree with you for these caps))))))

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lol! very interesting marketfriday post tali72! It's great to see a little slice of the markets there.

I wonder how many sell unnecessary things :)

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