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Cruise ship is still on my bucket list, the feedback from everyone has been good but we recently had guests staying here after their cruise and they were not charmed, I was very surprised to say the least, but it was one of the larger cruise ships!
Thank you for #marketfriday, my entry this week Kingfisher- Fisherman's Paradise & Prawn Paella


I wonder what Cruise line they sailed on! That makes all the difference in the world!!Thank you, my lovely friend! I am so thrilled to see you!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Thank you so much for the tip abd for keeping the tag going dear Denise ;)
It was one of the MSC liners, not sure which one though! We were shocked as all our friends have loved their cruises.

I actually have been on one MSC and it was their newer one. Most Americans don't care for it as there is a different expectancy for service.

They didn't have it.

I have loved every cruise I have ever been on, but, that one we had a few disappointments. Especially if they have cruised before. Sorry to hear that. It is such a disappointment when you spend so much money on one.

Thank you! xoxox

That says a lot then! They learnt that the staff are not treated fairly either and their training conditioned them about the various nationalities; South Africans were portrayed as aggressive people, that doesn't sit well with us of course. They should not generalise like that.

Haha! Americans were portrayed as being too expectant of superior service. WTH? That hurt my feeling just a little. (the staff told me this!!!)

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