Tropical market in the heart of the town.- Vava'u market - mostly handmade crafts

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Today I am taking you to the market on Vava'u which is full of colors and all sorts of trinkets. Some are made by local, some are imported from China. However, you should visit the market, friendly people and a very nice atmosphere attracts a lot of tourists to this place which is in the heart of the town.


It's hard to say which things are done manually and which are imported, one thing is certain, Fine who sold things, emphasized the local sources of their products. With a long look, she actually did most of the things herself. To our surprise, she even owned a machine where she could improve the product. That is why we recommend the Fine stand which looks beautiful and can attract attention.








I certainly recommend the fans that are really useful.

I think you would like it them :)

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A fabulous looking market, Greg:) Reminds me of when I was in the Caribbean:)

Absolutely ;) Great memories for sure :)

Nice and resteemed!

Thank you so much :)

Always welcome!

Those are beautiful handy crafts from local and imported. The market really attracts the visitor, well established and decorated.

Fantastic place :) Thank you

Cześć Greg! Te są dość ciekawe i piękne!

Simply gorgeous, they are, reminders of a place and time that will bring memories for years to come. I think the first picture with the pink necklace is so very charming.

Everything says tropical and handmade charm. The hand carvings are a favorite of many and are so well done. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together the market and for dropping me a link so it made it easy to find you.

Upped and Steemed


An extraordinary place that I will remember for years : ) Dziękuję

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Some really unique items are there to be discovered nice place to explore that thanks for sharing these shots

Everything is unique there and that's why I like that place so much :)

I like those carvings!

Unfortunately, I did not buy any of them. Baggage restrictions. A little regret. Thx

Amazing collection of art objects and jewelry.
People there are very artistic and creative.