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Today is Good Friday but even so, it's MarketFriday, as always, hosted by my dear friend Denise, @dswigle.

After all those spring symbols, it's time to show you something else today. I'm going to take you back in time again to show you how fabric was made once, many years ago, although at some parts of the world this loom is still in use.


This loom is made of wood just as many years ago and this man is doing fabrics using the same techniques as out ancestors. You can see in the back those rugs or also used as tapestry. These were mainly made using sheep wool. That was very common as in mountain regions sheep were very common.


This is a better view of the loom. I wanted to make a video of the man working but that day wasn't my lucky day, he was finishing something else, thus I could not make the video. Maybe next time. The fair is coming soon, I guess in may it's time again for another one.


These rugs were made with that loom. Rugs were not the only item made back then. They were also making blankets, tablecloths, bags, even clothes, especially folk costumes.


And because it's Easter, I found you some eggs as well. This is very unusual for my region, I've never seen such eggs before.


These are hand painted eggs mostly with floral designs and I can see icons painted on wood as well.

This is my entry to #MarketFriday hosted by @dswigle.

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Many thanks @pixresteemer.

Those painted eggs are very pretty

Thank you! I'm going to post more in the future as the fair is coming again.

Hi @erikah.
It was a pleasure to follow your publications this week.
It helped me understand the hard work that curators do.
Happy life and thanks for the support.

Thank you, I wish you all the best!

Lovely pictures! I soo love those rugs. Happy Easter!

Many thanks. Happy Easter to you too.

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Aren't those lose absolutely spectacular? I have seen them set up and used at some festivals or fairs and I am in amazement at the work that it takes to make one of them do their magic.

This, of course was absolutely fascinating to me and I am so glad that you chose to posted on a market Friday post. There is no comparison when you are talking handmade items like these. If you can find something that is made like this I'll buy it from you! These are truly one of a kind Treasures! I am so glad that you got to see the man weave oh, and sorry that you did not have the opportunity to film him, but perhaps another time. Thank you for sharing that part with us and now I'm going to be looking forward to our fair that has one.

The eggs look very similar with their flowers and brightly colored paint to once a day. In Poland, although I'm not sure that they are exactly for the same purpose but I got some really beautiful ones there and who knows? Maybe somebody is trying to start a new tradition! Thank you so much for always bringing your quality post to Market Friday! I appreciate all the work it takes to put one together and to post it.

As always I wish you a wonderful day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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