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Couldn't I understand, did you post intentionally too early or was it a mistake?
I would post sometimes on other days, just for fun.

This cruise gave you the opportunity to make a blog full of beauty and brilliance, in your eclectic style that you use so well. So we should all learn from you how to write a blog as a magazine article.
That's about the shape! Now about the background ...
I am convinced that such a cruise is a dream, bright and relaxing and that makes you forget about the daily problems.
Still, it looks like a mall. Perfect for #marketfriday!
Hope the next few weeks will be a continuous dream for you.


You are right! I did it in error! I was using Steempeak and I was putting it together on Wednesday, so there would be no rush to get it out. I went to hit schedule and hit publish instead! I was worried that so many would miss it, so I didn't post today so it wouldn't get lost down under. Can you believe that??!!

My style tends to run eclectic, unlike most people who have clear thoughts and can keep them orderly. I envy them, however, that isn't the way I think. I am a truly disorderly thinker.

Cruises are like a dream, but, probably very like Greece is to you. Relaxing and no cares in the world. I hope you enjoyed the trip around the ship. In some ways it is not real, but, just a fantasy. :)

Găsești întotdeauna cuvintele potrivite atunci când scrii un mesaj, Dan! @bluemoon Mulțumesc pentru apreciere ! Numai bine -

#MarketFriday loves you!


I have also published by mistake several times ...
I like your style and I think you can be a model for many
That's right, we can compare your "cruise" with my "Greece".
All the best!

Hehe! Well, I know you won't want to, but, I will trade you a week in Greece for a week here! You even get a balcony.

Just one tiny week. Then we compare again. Now that would be fun.

A wonderful idea. It will definitely be good for both of us.

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