Medieval bazaar - on Market Friday

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Yesterday I met the sunny woman @dswigle.
In doing so, he discovered that she likes to look at markets on Fridays.
If I had known about #marketfriday before, I would shoot more goods, counters, a seller in a knightly tournament.
Nevertheless, I found what to show in the heading #marketfriday

Magic drinks and objects were offered to you by a good fairy

Some imagined themselves to be medieval knights, others tried to get into the skin of a bear.

The bear was not always obedient.

Men have their own toys and everyone could find something for themselves.

Of course, a lot of food was being sold. She was preparing right in front of people.
But that's another story.

I hope I published my post not too late.
I just wanted to participate in the general fun.


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I think, it is very tasty, because it is very beautiful

Yes, I tried some dishes, it’s really tasty :)

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My pleasure :) I like that you support creative content.

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My pleasure :) Thank you for your support!

What a cool market!!

he-he, I wish there was more money with me... :)

less money you have -- less you will spend!
my motto...
but on another hand, I always have a credit card with me. so.... :/


words credit is not in my life :))

did you want to say:
"There is no such a word in my life, as credit card " ?..

не очень понял твое высказывание. как раз когда все отдельно слова правильные, но мясо нанизано на кости грамматики так что смысла хрен уловишь.

не совсем так))я имел в виду именно слово "кредит" и сопутствующие смыслы (типа кредитной карты". В долг брал, было дело. Кредиты... не моё))
по построение фразы понял, благодарствую)

кредитная карта, она же платёжная, не усложняй смыслы пожалуйста о_О
я про то что весь семейный бюжжет всегда в кармане, завсегда можно разом спустить, самоконтроль все равно нужон..

ту, что платёжная, я называю банковской_)) там у меня заначка))

Those bows look pretty cool.

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Yes, it’s handmade. Master knows his job :D

Looks like a lot of fun.

... and most importantly, delicious... :DDD

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Please drop your link here so that it can easily be found by others. Thank you so much! ❤
#MarketFriday loves you!

You are right! I do love Market Friday and I am so happy that you decided to join us! I am guessing that the refreshment looks like some sort of punch and I have to admit that the lemons made sense to me but the mushrooms as a decoration threw me off a little bit. I guess I'm not used to seeing them couple together. Magic drinks? Now that sounds right up my alley. I like that portray said that some imagine themselves to be medieval knights just try to get into the skin of a bear. LOL nice wording.

I would guess he's not an obedient bear slipping off by himself like that. I haven't been to our Medieval Fair or Renaissance Faire yet this year but it always looks so amazing when I see pictures. You did not post too late, there are some that post two and three days later and I'm not a stickler for those things although we usually do it on Friday for the biggest bunch. I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to put forth the #MarketFriday!

As always, I wish you a most wonderful weekend!

#MarketFriday Loves you!

Upped and steemed

!tip .20

Oh, it was entirely my pleasure :)
This is how people are arranged. They always try to get into someone else's skin.
I rarely go to markets and shops. But for # MarketFriday I will do it.
Mutually - wonderful weekend!

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My pleasure

That looks like a lot of fun! What is in the bowls? Is it punch?

these are some fruit drinks / juices with pieces of dry ice - fun В)

With dry ice? Now that's different - as long as you don't let it touch your mouth!

better not to do that... lol :)

Could be rather painful! 😲

you must use a straw so as not to frostbite your lips :D

What about inside your mouth? I don’t think I would try that one. 😲

cocktail tube :D