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Bitcoin as of 2/15/18 has resurged back to over $10,000!

bitcoin 2-15-18.png

This call for celebrating, bitcoin seems to go through these cycles of downs and ups. This is great to see after where bitcoin fell too last week.
bitcoin Feb 8 18 - Feb 15 18.png

But as you can see we are making a comeback and are on our way to a new ATH hopefully by the end of March? Thats my prediction. Let me know where you think we are going.

Either way i think this was just a quick stop on our journey to $100,000 BTC


Have a great future and live life on!
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Sorry didn't know. Thanks for informing me! I use bots to upvote my post within the first 1 hour or so. I'll be sure to stop using sneaky-ninja.


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Absolutly true, bitcoin is like life sometimes good and sometimes not very well, but in the end very well ;) lets stay positive, thanks for the professional work

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I'm sorry to say this but 10K is not moon. Looking bullish but yet to see how it develops this wave.

wow this a great news..... we all happy bitcoins come back.... I am also happy..thanks a lot...

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