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RE: Will The Whole Foods Deal Help Amazon To Gain More Traction In The Grocery Market?

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Its happening right here in the Silicon Valley, few of my clients in my sunnyvale location of one of my gyms work at Amazon, and they said the plan is to acquire Whole foods, then go right into grocery, and implement the no cashier, maybe a manager on site, and security guard and you walk in grab what you need and walk out and all charged to your phone/card. Crazy!


Haha, perfect!

Since one percenters own almost 99% of the wealth you won't find Oprah in whole foods shopping. The affluent which is growing exponentially will quickly learn to simply call Whole Foods and have everything delivered to their door. They are rich and can't be bothered shopping for food while they could be out pricing helicopters, yachts and evening gowns.

Jeff Bezos is happy to deliver it all to their door.

This paints the wealthy in a very negative manor. Why are they evil for making money and paying for services? These services creates new jobs for other people. Oprah as you put it will probably rarely if ever go shopping. So she most likely hires staff to do the shopping, usually house keeping or household managers. I don't see too many of these people online shopping, even if it's Wholefoods. They still need someone at home to put it all away and cook it.