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RE: CHINA'S PRINTING my country currency? Isn't that a clear THREAT TO A NATION SECURITY ?

in #market5 years ago

Dear @piotr, thank you for your kindly comment, you can see something more here:


I love to see how responsive you are @intellihandling

Your post has been published 6 month ago so Im sure many things have changed in meantime. How is your project doing currently?

Would you mind sending me short email to [email protected]? I would love to be able to keep in touch and support each other on Steemit.
I wish there would be more advanced notification system developed by steemit.

No pressure of course :)

Hi Piotr, thank you for your kindly answer and i will send soon email to tell you about our project.

It is also a good idea to post weekly about your project. This keeps your followers growing and happy to see updates and help you raise funds for the future.

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