Veterans Fueling Big Cannabis Business

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For cannabis business in Florida and many other places around the United States, veterans make up a large portion of the customer base.

Not only do they grow their own, and many of them use it themselves, but there are also veterans working in the industry offering security services and other talents. They have also played a significant role in pushing for cannabis reform across the country.

Hundreds of thousands of veterans who served in wars over the last two decades have been diagnosed with having PTSD.

Many of them also suffer from a variety of other problems as well. And repeatedly those veterans have asked for cannabis freedom and they've worked hard to petition for it and change things from the inside.

A Closed Cannabis Market

Still, there are many places like Alabama, Georgia, and other regions, that harshly criminalize cannabis and nonsensically would make criminals out of those veterans simply for wanting to heal their pain. Hypocritically you find this in states where there are many conservatives who preach about limited government and limited market interference, but they're fine with having coercion flood the markets for things they might not agree with, like cannabis. However, there are many conservatives themselves who have seen firsthand what cannabis can do their them or their family members, and they too have played a role in pushing for cannabis change and normalization which is desperately needed around the world today.

Offering Cannabis Discounts To Veterans

Veterans have played an important role for years in pushing for change, and in offering services within the industry, growing and more.

There are many cannabis companies that also offer discounts for those cannabis veterans and some even gave out free product to veterans during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Veterans, just like any other individual, deserve to have cannabis freedom. They deserve the freedom to make the choice about their own treatment and standard of living.

Over 2 million veterans have reported to using cannabis to treat their symptoms.

That is despite the difficult restrictions and coercion that they needed to go through in order to try and obtain the product or grow it themselves. Still, many today in the market are struggling to gain access to this product. Though the government has in many places moved forward with legalization, their coercion in the market has still left problems and people without. Just because they say they might legalize something and offer access into the market, doesn't mean everyone has a fair chance to take advantage of that offer. More cannabis freedom is needed not only in the U.S. market but in markets worldwide.

People shouldn't have to suffer because others, who know nothing about their pain, have a problem with a controversial flower.


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