No Shame In Not Growing Your Own

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There are many benefits that come along with growing your own food and trying to foster a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.

At times however, for those who do try and opt for a more self-sufficient lifestyle it can seem like they have a tendency to shame others who don't opt to make the same choices as them, suggesting that people who refuse to fully embrace such a lifestyle are lost, ignorant, or have skewed priorities.

But there are several reasons for why an individual or family might not want to grow their own food or explore self-sufficiency in a variety of areas, whether it's making their own clothes, fixing their own car, or generating their own energy etc.

No Desire

One of the most obvious reasons that someone might not want to explore more self-sufficiency in their life is because they just don't have the interest.

We all get the same amount of time in a day and some of us might not want to allocate that time on getting out in the dirt and trying to grow our own food, especially if trying to grow enough to feed your entirely family, that could be a full-time job in itself.

No Space

Whether you live in an apartment, a trailer, or detached home, I don't believe that there is any space too small that you can't grow something.

However, if you're looking to grow enough to feed yourself or your loved ones to the point that you always have enough food so that you'll never need to buy, and/or you'll always have enough to barter with to get the things that you don't have, then space can easily become an issue. Not only is space a problem, but so are the other resources that might be required to invest in the various equipment that's involved in the growing process.

No Good

If you don't have any desire to grow, you might even find that you aren't any good at it, or you might not have the ability to grow (what if there is a disability?). And why should people who have no desire or who aren't good at it, be forced to grow for themselves or feel pressured to, because others think it's a superior way to live? I question the superiority of it because for some it would drastically lower their standard of living.

Not everyone who opts for a more self-sufficient lifestyle will reap the same benefits, some might see it as lowering their quality of living because they're doing something they aren't good at and don't want to be doing. Sure, things could change and they might find that they love it, but would that be the situation for everyone? Not Likely.

If tomorrow all of a sudden you didn't buy anything else and you sought to be 100 percent self-sufficient, to grow or create everything that you were going to need etc, then it's obvious that there would be a lot of things that you wouldn't be able to do for yourself.

Not everyone has all of the knowledge that is necessary to maintain that level of self-sufficiency, they were never taught how to milk a cow or gut a fish, to make butter or soap, how to sew etc. So, if we couldn't go to the market and purchase fish from someone who had an expertise in that area and who did that for a living, who was willing to barter with us for another item or sell it for money, then we would quickly see fish and other items disappear from our life.

Just think of all of the different items you use in a day or week, do you know how to create those items from start to finish? The computer you're using? Your phone? Candles? Toilet paper? Pens? Umbrellas? Would you have any desire to spend your life making those items? Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing something that you love and are passionate about?

Let the people who have a passion for growing be the ones to grow! It doesn't matter that there are many people who don't have the space or the desire to grow their own, because there are farmers out there who do love growing, they enjoy feeding their communities which in-turn helps to feed their own family, and because they do it for a living they are good at it. Self-sufficiency is great, knowing how to grow your own food or fix your own problems can provide you with a new level of freedom, more confidence, and ultimately more peace. But a completely self-sufficient lifestyle isn't feasible for everyone.


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I totally agree with you@doitvoluntarily.
We are all created to be different and run our own race.
Some people love planting and growing their own foods or doing things by themselves and some prefer not too because there is no desire to do it or whatever the reason is and that is perfectly normal because we are here to run our own race and follow what our heart desires so don't waste time trying to live up to someone elses expectations because you will never be happy.
Great post @doitvolutarily

I totally agree. There are several different ways and means to self sufficiency. I do think we all starting to pay more attention to where our food and goods in general are coming from. And that is a good thing

Yes! I have always enjoyed growing a garden from the time I was a child. I would grow gourds and sell them in the neighborhood. Well now I dont have the space, but I wish I did.

Ah, the ol', "If you don't liberty exactly like me, you aren't libertying right!" Nice breakdown of the flaw in that attitude!

The division of labor is what propelled civilization from being almost entirely agrarian to the complex, modern industrial civilization we all live in today. It's what allows specialization to flourish, which in turn provides us with a wider variety of goods and services.

I'm all for self-sufficiency, and I think it's prudent for everyone to at least have the skills necessary to support their own existence if the need arises, but I agree with you. There is no reason to shame people who choose not to exercise those skills regularly or to a high degree. Even if everyone were entirely self-sufficient, the lack of time to specialize would lead to a downgrading of our available technology and means. I dunno about you all, but I like broadband internet and smart phones. :D

I tried this year failed, its not going to stop me trying :)


failed? you didn't get anything from your tomato plant? :)


There is 3 green tomatoes but doesn't look like there growing, think I planted them to late.

No time for it, but we can choose where we buy, so mostly locally produced products. Like veggies and honey.

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I started my own apartment garden, as I live in Dubai. It is still near 100F (38C) each day, but in a few weeks, I can place them all on my terrace. Speak the truth and grow some organic veggies and herbs for the evening salad.

This is very true for many @doitvoluntarily !Especially in the bigger cities. for me im glad to be moving back to the country and growing my own pesticide free organic veggies that just taste so much better then store bought there really is no comparison ! of course you can buy farm to table or organic in stores but its very expensive , and if you live far from town its so much easier and free to just go outside and pick what you want fresh for supper! lol!🍅
Anyone can learn to grow a garden , even if it takes years , like you say if you have the desire or more importantly the NEED To survive , you can learn anything including fishing and hunting! IF you dont , then dont do it and nobody should be condemned for that! great post as always , thanks for sharing ! 💕✌👌👍upped earlier now resteemed in @momskitchen as well!

I've grown my own food for many years and it's always the best tasting food ever. It still amazes me that people have complete faith that food will always be on the store shelves. They don't even have the desire to know something about growing food. I think it's one of the most important skills to have on the planet.

If there ever was an SHTF moment though, I would first get a goat. They can eat almost anything, carry 40-pounds over challenging terrain, find water, provide milk, cheese, meat, and warmth.

Goats are one of the best animals to raise.


Great! If I had a garden I would have it all in fruit trees!! I love fruit, it's my dream to pick up some fresh red apple or gold pear. Just joking. I'd also have potatoes to have something for a dinner.. Despite I live in a flat, this year I manage to have small red tomatoes in the pot in my balcony.
Goat is also my and my boyfrend plan when we move into a house.. with a big garden of course!
Greetings :)


Here are some pics from a farm I lived on in Washington for a while.



And Even Goats...


Woww! lot's of goats!!! Thank you, picks inspire me.. :)


There are 168 Oberhasli goats on that farm. Crazy, right?


Amazing! You must have a big farm! I dream of such a place :)

@doitvoluntarily You are very right in what you say, people usually do not want to assume the commitment and make an extra effort to live a self-sustaining life, although I must say that more and more families are adopting this position, I have been reading this type of news
Thank you very much dear friend for sharing this information
I wish you a great day