420 World, Finally made it to Seattle Washington

in marijuana •  3 years ago 

Why not stop by the dispensary

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Hahahaha Great post ;)
For a long time I was wondering what a coffe shop in Usa , looked like
Amazing, beautiffull !!!!
Coffee shop its the name of the store who sell cannabis in Holland Amsterdam
Thanks for sharing , upvote follow and resteem ;)
Take a look to my recent post of cannabis vodka and beer ;)

Thank you man I truly appreciate it, the shops are a lot nicer here than I expected ...thank you again and be sure to check it out now

That looks nicer than any dispensary I've ever been in

Congrats Guys!

Love this video!

Medical Cannabis patient myself!

Sweet 😂😂😂😂😂🤓👍

Seattle is a beautiful city!

You got any pokemon pieces? I'd love to see some pokemon pieces... I like pokemon... I can't smoke anymore... but I admire da glass!

great vid!! thanks for posting! check out my introduction/grow if it interests you..thanks...medicalgrower. ..https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@medicalgrower/introduction-from-medicalgrower-with-growrooms.

Those are some crazy pieces

Right 😂

1 Milligram edibles? dude, 100 MG doesn't do anything for me, what's 1 gonna do?

lol I meant 10mg but same here I need over 1,000mg dosages at a time 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍



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Awesome 😊 Thank you

Have fun my brother

The shop looks very clean and tidy. Many shops I know from the Netherlands are dark and not very pleasant.

@maite hello spanish

Hola 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

Definitely much safer to buy herbs through a dispensary than on the street, and safer to sell to a dispensary, trust me.. I used to grow the best herbs around ( I live in Nor Cal and have been growing since I was 16.) Yeah, I know every says that but I am bein for realz. lmao.
But yeah, One time I needed money and all the collectives where I live were closed down by the city for a short period of time so I had to resort to selling on the street, and ended up getting shot by this gangster from stockton Ca over 2 pounds of outdoor...He pulled a gun on me and I wouldnt give him the weed cause I really didn't think he would actually shoot me over 2 pounds of outdoor...that'd be dumb right? lol. Welll.....I was sorta off on my conclusion of him not shooting me over 2 pounds of outdoor..cause he shot me. lmao.
I actually just posted an article about that whole situation yesterday, Its titled "The Day I Got Shot, True Story Posted Only on Steemit" You should check it out when you get the chance.
Going to a collective is definitely the smart way to go. Lol. Don't resort to dealing with shady gangsters. hahaha.