The bamboo method of marijuana drying and curing.

in #marijuana3 years ago

Hello friends, today I want to share an interesting thing about how people around my place make Bamboo Weed putting cannabis inside the bamboo stem.

First, they cut down the marijuana plant and trim them if needed.They leave it to try a little bit for 2-3 days. The drying process is quite unique here, they leave it out for whole day and night.

Now they put the cannabis inside the hollow bamboo stem so tightly, close the hole and leave it for some months.I think it's the part of curing process.

And when it's ready, they break the stem and take cannabis out of it.

Now it's one of the best stuffs to .... :)


thank you very much.information stemian friend

It's very interesting post sir :D
Aceh knows as a best product of cannabis/marijuana but in my country it was illegal thing, have a nice day brother

regard from Aceh-sumatra :)

I never heard of cannabis being cured like this. It must be some old knowledge. I wonder how long the cannabis will stay fresh in the bamboo.

I love marijuana

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