March to 10 - STEEM Daily Update - TGA Analysis (07-02-2018)

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Back to Green, this is how I would like to describe the today Crypto marketplace. When comparing to USD rate, we have experienced a huge market drop this time. But recovery phase of the crypto market place is shorter than Forex market place. If you buy at dip, I hope now you are experiencing a nice profit. Anyway everything depends on the strategy that you are using in this high fluctuation market place.

I am a true believer of STEEM. Yes, I mean it. I believe on STEEM rather than most of other crypto coins and I want to build my STEEM investment. Because, STEEM is the future. You must be hurry to collect STEEM, because this might be the last time that we can buy STEEM in this lower price level. I am going to tell you WHY? (Thanks for @mexbit to highlight those fields).
  • STEEM is not only a Social Media based blockchain, it's a business blockchain.
  • DTube built as a replacement of YouTube.
  • Ustream replacement called as DLive.
  • DSound is the replacement of SoundCloud.
  • StackOverFlow will be replaced by PeerQuery.
  • SMT will be the replacement of ERC20/Ether.
  • STEEMIT is the replacement of Reddit / FaceBook.
  • Twitter replacement is Zappl.
This is just the beginning. STEEM has a long journey to go and I know STEEM will made that journey. Therefore, collect as much as STEEM and STEEM POWER. It will be a worthy investment for our futures.

I am not going to discuss about @ned and @dan latest battle at the STEEMIT post that posted by @dan. Both of them built this platform and the blockchain. Therefore, fighting like children should not be acceptable. @dan left STEEM blockchain and now he is building EOS. It's not a matter, I think STEEM is still powerful enough to beat EOS, but we can't predict the future. Most important thing is @dan is a genius blockchain architect and we all need him here too. Therefore, I wish they will stop fighting for such nonsense and will work together again to introduce the next level blockchain technology to STEEM too.

Personally I won't think too much about such childish behaviors of these genius mind sets. But I wish STEEM will rise and we will not get a chance to buy STEEM in this cheap again. Until STEEM reach Two figure value of its' market price I would like to keep this article topic as March to 10 in next couple of weeks time.

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Graphene Blockchain Technology early adopted STEEM blockchain is one of the fastest blockchain in the current world. Let's check the daily statistics of the STEEM blockchain now.

Current Reward Pool Statistics of STEEM

Head Block Number: 19,660,844
Current Inflation Rate: 8.99356624
Current Virtual Supply: 266,099,577.931 STEEM
Every Block Produce: 1.707465882 STEEM

I wish no one will drain the reward pool too much. This daily reward pool is for all of us. Not only for few big players of the platform.

Current STEEM and SBD Market Analysis

STEEM Market Price: $3.84
Market Capital: 956,120,078 USD
Circulating Supply: 249,124,546
Market Capital Wise Rank: 26

STEEM DOLLAR Market Price: $3.23
Market Capital: 26,907,471 USD
Circulating Supply: 8,320,826
Market Capital Wise Rank: 290

Sources: Steem, Steem Dollar

Top Power Up Statistics in Last 7 Days


Top Power Down Statistics in Last 7 Days

Liquid STEEM: 73,154,458
Current Supply: 263,733,606 STEEM
Pending Power Downs (Total powering down in the next week): 6,453,101 STEEM
Completed Power Downs (Total powered down in the last week): 265,260 STEEM
Difference (% Change): 2332.75%


What Alexa Traffic Statistics Says

STEEMIT made it's entry to top 1,100 in Alexa Traffic Rankings. I wish it will reach top 1,000 Alexa Traffic Rankings soon.


Audience Geography
CountryPercent of VisitorsRank in Country
United States32.4%607
South Korea11.2%176
United Kingdom5.4%513

What Blocktivity Says Today

Here what I have found today from BLOCKTIVITY. As I told you before, Graphene Technology powered STEEM has proven that it has the capacity to do more scalability than Ethereum and BitCoin networks.

STEEM: 1,620,530 Transaction & Consumed 0.13% Network Capacity
BITSHARES: 847,359 Transaction & Consumed 0.07% Network Capacity
ETHEREUM: 839,379 Transaction & Consumed 48.58% Network Capacity
BITCOIN: 218,415 Transaction & Consumed 100% Network Capacity
GOLOS: 95,297 Transaction & Consumed 0.01% Network Capacity


What Are The Most Active Blockchains?


Marketcap of Most Active Blockchains


Crypto Currency Market Capital Changes of Last Couple of Months Time


Latest Weiss Crypto Currency Rating

Weiss Top 6
Cryptocurrency Name SymbolRatingStatus
Steem (STEEM)B+Position Increased
Cardano (ADA)BPosition Increased
BitShares (BTS)B-Position Increased
EOS (EOS)B-Position Discreased
Ethereum (ETH)B-Position Discreased
NEO (NEO)B-Position Discreased

Page #1


Page #2


Page #3


The Speed of STEEM Blockchain by Animations


Main Events of STEEM Blockchain in 2018

STEEM got two big news in 2018.

Time to few questions

  • Do you have any opinion to improve the efficient of this article? If yes, please write in point form.
  • What do you think about STEEM Reward Pool? Do we need to utilize it effectively?
  • Where STEEM will go next? Or it will remain at current market price?
  • What do you think about Smart Media Token? Do you think it will bring STEEM to the Moon?


Smart Media Token - Source
Graphene Blockchain Technology - Source
Alexa Ranking - Source
Blocktivity - Source

Special thanks for @rebeccaryan, for her nice suggestions to improve the quality of the report.


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I didn't know they increased STEEM to b+ . That is def great news. I think with everything STEEM is involved, we are placing ourselves in an amazing position to succeed. Anyone should be trying to get STEEM like crazy right now. I do agree with you in future STEEM prices, which I don't think we will see this $3 price range ever again, not even with market crashes. I think we all have invested in the next top 10 coin on the world which is STEEM.


You are absolutely correct bro, we all are invested on Future Top 10 coin at the moment! Hope STEEM will pass $10 margin soon!


i have a hope now :)

Interesting post, and very informative and comprehensive in its content.
Good luck

For me as a minnow the most important aspect of this post is the statement as to why steam is competitor to other platforms and social media that you make in the beginning of the article I would like a further elaboration on how it is that steam it competes

I am heavily invested in Steemit, EOS, and Bitshares. I think all of these projects will build a health ecosystem and there is no need for competition. This is all new and lots of room to grow. I admire @ned and @dan...We are human and will argue once in a while, especially when it comes to how business should operate. Arguing isn't bad when everyone can speak freely and learn something too!

I got your message. I'm neoxian#3936 in Discord.