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RE: First community on a Steem Blockchain. Mapalanet — society of independent travellers.

in #mapala6 years ago

pic is stolen :D(I'm stealing it :) ), I mean I'm saving it in case it goes missing :D, btw I did hear that there is an ongoing translation initiative, to get posts from Steemit to Golos. I would argue getting payed in both is no problem if the token is different. Basically it's like publishing your book in another language, you should get a revenue even if the book is the same. The market is different.

Anyway those are my thoughts :) Have a good day :)


@j3dy haha 'restolen' then, cause I took it from google pics ;) Btw it's not a crime to use it in this way ;)
I'm agree with your opinion but only if it will be from the same autor.

ps: come to our telegram chat

I saw a shri yantra post the other day, and coupled with that image, this is what we get :D

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