Distribution #11 and updated voting

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Since this is Thursday, that means we distribute Manna today.

This was our 11th distribution since we restarted the program under the Manna banner on the first of March.

This week saw a climb of 9,000 new participants to 87,000 people receiving the distribution. Last week we sent Manna to 78,000 recipients. This is an 11.5% jump over the week.

The other project we have going is the quest to get list on crypofolio.info. There is still a couple of days left of voting and Manna is looking very strong.

Please help us to finish this contest on a high note. Each person is allowed to vote once per hour so we request that you go in multiple times a day to assist us in this endeavor. Since this is mostly being promoted by us on Steemit, it is a great way to show the ability of the Manna community on here.


This also will be used as a part of the case we make to other companies about the interest in Manna.

Once again, we thank everyone who is helping us out. This is a project that is big in scope, taking on a problem that is enormous. Generational poverty is something that does not have to exist on this planet.

A final piece of business is we are looking to complete a bit of reshuffling of personnel to best dedicate the proper attention to Steem. We are establishing a way to get information out to the community in a more timely fashion. Steem is going to be one of those primary vehicles. So please bear with us as we iron out some of the details.

To receive Manna distribution each week, go to https://www.mannabase.com to sign up and verify.


Voted. already 840 votes!!!
Also got my weekly distribution!
If you guys need help with the Spanish speaking community, let me know. I did help translate the whitepaper, Jon's got my direct contact.

Really kicking some hind end on the cryptofolio vote.

It is a landslide.

The chart looks very good. But, first of all, you need to check the development of the price of MANNA. You can see an indirect correlation and it's logical. The more people approved for distribution the lower price of MANNA. Yeah, if you haven't referred anybody, probably you don't make any money despite the fact you earn MANNA every week on your account.

But I still support MANNA as I hope you'll find more donors:

Vote number 864!

878 already, keep it going.

Did you just assume my gender?

What do you mean?

When will #manna be listed on major exchanges? This will have a positive impact on the price!!!
Below interesting analysis on the "coinbase effect " :

We are working on that...exchanges wont simply take a token unless they believe there is going to be activity with it....

There are a number of them we are trying to get on.