# What is Mangosteem?

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Hi friends.

I hope everyone will get the same doubt by hearing the new word Mangosteem that what is mangosteem?I too get the same doubt.I read the post made by our friend @mynameisbrian who introduced mangosteem. Thank you @mynameisbrian for introducing such a great platform.


The image is sourced from https://steemit.com/mangosteem/@mynameisbrian/introducing-mangosteem-steem-powered-web-chat

Now lets come to our question what is mangosteem, The mangosteem is a web chat powered by steem blockchain.Hear we can chat and these chats are votable.There is no private database it uses the steem database.Hear is the link to enter into mangosteem http://alpha.mangosteem.chat/ .By clicking on the link you will see the page like this


We can simply login into the mangosteem through steemconnect.For chating there is no need to signup for steemit members directly click on login enter your steem username and private posting key.



By entering these two things you can enter into the chat and begin chatting.The happiest thing is your chat is votable.

The mangosteem is still in alpha and it has four channels to chat.


You can absorb from this screen shot there are four channels and we are allowed to chat on all these channels and you are allowed to vote,post and comment .

For more information read the introducing post made by @mynameisbrian and hear is the link https://steemit.com/mangosteem/@mynameisbrian/introducing-mangosteem-steem-powered-web-chat

Once again thank you to @mynameisbrian for introducing mangosteem.

Thank you for reading the post.

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Thank you for the simple and clear introduction to Mangosteem

Welcome to Steemit
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Good stuff, nice and clear step by step introduction into mangosteem, see you in the chat room!

Make Chats Great Again

Hell yeah! Mangosteem is the future of Steem chatting!

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