WIRT, Over The Garden Wall🎃 / drawing step by step | by @christopherb

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Wirt, the weird

Hi steemians:

We are in the first days of my favorite month: October, the month of witches and sorcerers, horror stories and treats, and the month of my birthday. I really enjoy the vibes of this time of the year and they always inspire me to draw things with that strange and peculiar style, so on this occasion I would like to show you a fanart of my favorite character from one of my favorite cartoons. I hope you like it!

WIRT DRAW steemit 1.png

Step by step

1. Before starting, a new blank canvas opens.


2. I started with a very basic and fast sketch of his face and little more of the neck, this being the basis for the rest of the drawing.


3. I cleaned the sketch with the lineart and leave it ready for coloring.


4. I decided to start coloring by his face.


5. I continued with the coloring of his eyes and shadows.


6. I continued through his hair, detailing his base color and shadows.


7. Then, I colored his hat red.


8. I continued with his blue vest, detailing his shadows.


9. Then I painted their gold buttons.


10. Finishing the process I added the fund.


11. And finally, I added the logo of the series and my signature, at the bottom of the drawing.


As final result: Wirt.

WIRT DRAW steemit.png

This month is very important for me and I have a great time publishing things about Halloween and mystery, so I will continue for the whole month with this "dark" theme. I really liked the result of this fanart very much, and I hope you liked it as much as I did, so I would love to know your opinion in the comments. A big hug!

ChristopherB - Animado.png

All illustrations and history were drawn and written by me @christopherb.


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Very well done. I really like this!

My only recommendation would be to find a way to taper the end points of your strokes/lines so they don't feel so uniform. But either way, it looks great! Good job!

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