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RE: FUN TIME WITH @GEE1: Meet My #mancrushmonday 😍😍😍

in #mancrushmonday2 years ago

Thanks a lot popsicles. You know I've got massive love for you.

Awwwnnn... Uwlcm baby.. You know I love you too.

No doubt about that darling.

Feel honoured to be mentioned alongside these men o, even though our boss @olawalium came first....lolz anyways 4th position is not too bad sha

Hahahahahaha it wasn't in any particular order bro.

You see now, how did he know? Anyways the spirit is the way @oreddeby reported you to me sometimes ago i hope you have changed, has he changed? Debby

She can't report me to you because she isn't the type that blabs. She would rather tell me herself, IF i actually did something. I know her better. double wink

Lolz.....funny man

I miss you too. Hahahaha

See why I love you... Muaaahh

Kisses sweetie.

Jesus!!! Dayoooooooo

Hahahahahahaah Dayo and trouble... Na pady. Lolzzz

I see you @oredebby 👍🏽

:) thanks for coming around boss

Boss ❎
Friend ✅

Awwwwnn.. Thats so sweet 😊😊

I celebrate you too my dear

Markdown boss.. I hail :)

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