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RE: Binance Moving to Malta - Island Nation Known for Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

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Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I can see why Binance would want to move somewhere more supportive of crypto that offers some measure of stability but Malta is very very corrupt. Actually, the extent of the corruption is mind numbing, I just pointed to a few examples here.
From what I hear, Binance is very open and transparent about their operations but the power of organized crime in that part of the world should not be underestimated as I'm sure their keen to find ways to exploit crypto in the same ways as they did with online gaming.

I agree that from a marketing perspective, it would be wise to try to stay clear of any association with money laundering of course, as we know that it's often used in the fear-mongering around cryptos.

I did also read that Binance is looking to transform their business into a 'decentralize exchange', and I thought that was a least some positive news.


A decentralized exchange is good but has pros and cons. One of the cons is you will not get institutional money to flow into it. So liquidity could be a problem.

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