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RE: Binance Moving to Malta - Island Nation Known for Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

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The fact that the SEC doesn't want to approve certain things due to the unregulated nature, the fact that the IRS is embracing ambiguity, Binance doing that only adds more fuel to the fire.

I'm confused a little bit. Is not the goal of the Crypto Community to have the currency be a solution or complete work around to the already manipulated and very controlled financial and govt system? Effectively removing consent from the system of enslavement they have installed? If so why then would anyone either expect, OR desire to have the approval of these entities? If they approve of Crypto it would seem to me that implies it is something that is helping them to retain control of the world. I'm pretty new as far as involvement with this because I assumed (perhaps like a dummy, lol) when bitcoin launched years ago that they were going to figure out a way to shut it down quickly unless they were behind it in some way.


The crypto community is not static. In order for it to grow it has to embrace the values of the world it is in. The SEC is not the only possible provider of safety. Self regulation is possible and preferred.

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