The Benefits of Steem Meetings

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The Benefits Of Steem Meetings

A Steem meeting, or a Steem meet up, is where a ground of Steemians get together to discuss all things Steem related. Think 'Steemfest' only on a slightly smaller scale.

Expanding Comfort Zones

The term comfort zone refers to an area of your life where you feel comfortable. Leaving the comfort of your own home,
to meet with strangers can be an uncomfortable experience, but ultimately a rewarding one.
A month ago, I flew to Sydney for the Team Australia Christmas Party (there will be a post about that at some point soon, I promise) and I was definitely out of my comfort zone but it's an experience that I wouldn't exchange for the life of me.
I am more confident in flying either interstate or overseas than I ever was before, and there were many residual benefits
that will echo forward from that point onward.

Escape The Echo Chambers

An echo chamber is a location where a group of people have the same opinion or world view and just repeat the same things over and over again. You can create your own echo chamber, very simply, by muting people who have a different view than you. It's not a good thing.

Time away from an echo chamber allows the rational mind to start to kick in again, and allows you to challenge ideas that you have always thought were true, but possibly weren't beneficial to you.

Time away from the 'black mirror' (the computer screen) is always a good thing too.

A Difference Of Opinion

When you meet new people, you are invariably going to come across those who have a very different world view to yours.
It can be quite confronting at times to see and hear people who hold views that you either oppose, or once agreed with and long since let go off in exchange for something new. But because you are face to face, rather than online, you can't just mute them or filter them out. There's more of a chance to listen and find out why people believe what they do. You can then challenge your own points of view and even question whether you are wrong about a particular issue.
If you keep things civil, and remind yourself that you're there mainly to discuss Steem then you can still develop some cool friendships.

Common Ground

Alternatively, you can find people who have similar interests, like gardening, and can exchange ideas on best practices in regard to gardening. Some people that attend these meetings often connect through things like henna tattoos or juggling lessons, sharing different designs, ideas and games. I have seen joint projects formed and being developed around the table, weighing up ideas, rejecting some, and incorporating what works. Imagine collaborations between artists, writers, musicians, programmers and whoever else can bring their special skills to the table. You can make new friends too.

Real People

Sometimes when interacting with people online, it's very difficult to judge the vocal tone of what someone is saying.
Are they being sarcastic? Tongue-in-cheek? Just joking or were they deadly serious ?

Meeting people face to face and asking for clarification can help sort out any disputes or misunderstandings with another person. You can look them in the eye and see if they are genuine or not, but mostly just share a drink or two.

Steem Group Photo.jpg The real people you're likely to meet at a Steem Meeting.

Image source: Holoz0r's blog

Exchanging Ideas

One of the cool things about the meetings / meet ups, is that you can exchange ideas.
I was introduced to the concept of Steem Monsters by @o07 at one of the meetings, and I have enjoyed playing the game
ever since. I even have an affiliate link that is providing a residual income whenever people, who clicked on it, buy starter and booster packs.

You can learn from those who have been on Steemit for longer than you have, and see what they are doing to generate more Steem, where best to delegate Steem Power, and also where to avoid pitfalls, traps, and scams especially during this "crypto winter".

Steem can be rather complex for those who are brand new to it, and these meetings are a great way to help show that there are real people behind the online accounts, and that there is help and advice available, and are a great way to get 'onboard'.

Morale Boosting

With the price of Steem and SBD doing so poorly, it's easy to lose focus on the bigger picture and why we got involved
with crypto currencies in the first place. We can support each other and remind ourselves how early we are in the the life span of Steem. Where will you be in 5 years time? Even at these prices, 5 years of Steem accumulation and powering up should have you extremely wealthy, if you know what you are doing and are working your account.

Having Fun

Another aspect of these meetings that often goes overlooked, are the games that can be played as icebreakers or a way to win various prizes like silver coins, Steem Monsters cards, etc. Some meetings / meet ups will have an open bar tab so you can have a few drinks and have a good time.

I know you're probably thinking "Yes, Shaidon, this all sounds very nice, but where can I find such a meeting?".

Well, you can either start your own in your local area or ask around and see what's available OR
If you in Adelaide, there just so happens to be one of these awesome meet ups at The Jade pub every-single-month of the year, on the last Thursday of the month.

That's right! There's one THIS Thursday, so if you're in Adelaide and want to find out more about what we do at these meet ups, why not come along? We're trying to beat the attendance record of 23 people, so you are more than welcome!

The Jade, 142-160 Flinders St, Adelaide SA 5000 Thursday 6pm until we get tired.

Come along for a great meal.

Mushroom burger 30 percent.jpgA delicious mushroom burger and coke made by

Phat Buddha Rolls small.jpg

Shaidon Cartoon.jpg

All images are either photographed or produced by myself, or credit is given to the authors where possible.


I love to do this and attempt to introduce as many people to steam it as I can. I have a group of minnows that I am mentoring, and some of them are even running with it. I live in Canada and I am always interested in meeting up with other steemit users. I would like to host a steemit Fest type event if enough people wanted to get together we could do something really great!

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The regular steemups sound like they would be awesome things :)

It's more of a social thing, so yeah it's just a drink or two, a meal and a great time with people of a similar interest.

I might be running a little late but I will get there as soon as possible.

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Only a couple of days away now. It's been too long since the November meetup.

I can't wait. I hope to be there on time, I'll be busy during the day.

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