How Has Steem Impacted My Life?

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@theycallmedan was offering upvotes to people who answered this question. That was 10 days ago so I think I am a bit late to the party. But I think that it’s a good little thing to consider, especially if you want to onboard people.

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Steem is a crypto currency attached to the Steemit social media platform, which allows users to reward people for producing content (videos, photos, blog posts like this one) on the block-chain using decentralised apps or d’Apps.

Right now I am typing this on a d’App called eSteem on my iPad while resting on my bed.

How has Steem impacted my life?

For the sake of fairness and honesty, my time on the Steem block-chain has not made me wealthy. It might one day, but for now it’s just a long term investment. I should admit that it’s been an emotional rollercoaster and it hasn’t all been chocolates and roses, but the purpose of this post is to highlight the positive aspects of being here.

The first impact has been the invitation to the Adelaide Steem meet ups the meeting of new people who have become friends and the gleaning of hints and tips about new and upcoming d’Apps, and everything else going on in the crypto world.

This has lead to interstate travel, Christmas parties and BBQs.

Steem as a currency, is free from transaction fees and has near instant transfers to anywhere in the world, where someone has access to their account. My Steem Power (SP) has a potential upvote value of US$0.02 (imagine getting paid for every Facebook like) when my voting power is at 100%.
My account is estimated to be worth US$458.

I can also delegate SP to various projects for a residual payment.


I also had to learn about currency exchanges and how to get money from my bank account and into crypto format and back.

Splinterlands has taught me the difference between fungiable and non fungiable tokens, paid me in Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) when I win, buy, sell and lease cards for Steem income. My card collection is currently worth US$745.65. I also get paid when someone uses my affiliate link.


Steem-Engine has taught me about how stock markets work, and I have been buying and selling tokens and staking them for the interest. I have US$103.74 worth of tokens in my Steem-Engine wallet.


Finding communities where I can make posts, have fun, make people feel good about themselves and engage in competitions has encouraged me to be more engaging and interactive on the block-chain.
The people behind the Food Fight Friday competition, make me want to try harder and improve my writing each and every week.

But the biggest impact Steem has had on my life has been a renewed sense of hope and the idea that I can control my own financial future.



I never realized all the economics I learned from’s a realm I was basically avoiding until steem pumped in 2017. I had a lot of personal and artistic growth that I focused on but the market knowledge may make me rich hah

Yeah it can also be quite humbling to need a refresher and notice things we missed, basic stuff like curation being paid out in Steem Power. Steem Power also attracts 2% in interest every month.
So, while we can get a certain amount of Steem for posting blogs, videos and so forth, it’s often better to be engaging with other Steemians. There can be more upvotes this way and also.

There are even engagement competitions now.

I am also learning to write better and more engaging articles. There various communities are quite awesome.

Thanks for sharing @shaidon.

Good to have you around buddy

Thank you for your support.

Wouldn't be the same without you, mate :)
Good to see that diversification, too.

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