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in mallorca •  2 years ago

Hi !

Today I want to present you my newest drone video, it was taken today in the morning !
I love going early in the morning to the beach because I nearly have this beautiful paradise for myself, and nobody feels bothered by my drone.

Have a look at this lovely beach in Portocolom, Mallorca.
Video was taken by DJI Phantom 4:

I also took some photos:

The beach is called "Cala Marcal" and as written above, I like it the most in the morning hours. In the summer it can be very busy during the day as there are several hotels close by.

In the evening I can recommend a visit to the town of Portocolom, there are several delicious restaurants as "Florian", "Sa Llotja", "HPC" and several more !

I hope you enjoyed this post, I m looking forward to your comments :)

Video: by @mallorca
Photos: by @mallorca

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Hey u alive? There is another meet up in 2 weeks


I am ! Unfortunately I won't make it. Good luck and see you in the end of the summer.

Wow, great views!


Thank you.

wow this is so freaking awesome. looks so serene and beautiful. good job !


Thanks !

Son espectaculares las imágenes, te sigo!!! Spectacular photos, I am following you!!!


Muchas gracias !

Wish i own a Drone soonest, Can Steemit make this possible @mallorca ?
Just teasing, love the views and the HD qualities.


I am 100 % sure Steemit can make it possible. Don't give up and publish some quality :)


The steem Force is with me and i wish to leave the Dream - WE ALL LIED,NOBODY IS LIVING THE DREAM......kindly check this out for me @mallorca , just something that kept brewing on my mind while i was in church earlier today.

Beautiful beach and nice to get in before it gets crowded.

Hey dude it was awesome meeting you, we waited to hear from you afterwards and even called the bar to see if we could locate you. I look forward to the next time!

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I need to visit mallorca one day!


You should, Mallorca is a great island !