My Diaries #1: Collaboration on Psychotropic Algorithms.

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First Attempt

Good day! I think I am going to write some of my real life stories here on #WEKU. I am not worrying about my privacy here, but to put details of my life that I want to immortalise on this decentralised platform.


I am a health professional in one of the largest teaching hospitals in #Malaysia. I am also a depressed patient. However, being part of my profession, I am being involved in a committee to draft and write a treatment algorithm for all the psychotropic medications in the hospital, under the purview of Psychiatric Department.


What is an algorithm? A set of rules that is being used in making decisions. A treatment algorithm is going to guide our doctors (probably even other health professionals in other institutions) in making informed decisions with our psychiatric patients (or carers), depending on multiple factors, including physiological responses, social impact and financial burdens.

First of all, I am going to compile the statistics of psychotropic medications usage in my hospital. Medications usage usually directly linked to the patients' responses. By looking at movement statistics, I should be able to know the generally effective ways in treating certain illnesses. The general rule is, the more the medication being used, the more likely the medication will be the first choice for doctors in treating patients (illness-specific).

Next, I need to figure out the treatment options for patients who failed to respond to the first line treatment. At this stage, doctors have to investigate the factors that lead to the first line treatment failure. Once the factor(s) being pinpointed, doctors are to be guided on the next option of treatment.

Sometimes, there are special group of patients whom we need to tailor the treatment options. For example, teratogenic drugs are not advisable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding ladies; drugs that give severe adverse reactions might not be suitable for elderly patients etc.


So, before I go any further, I first need to come out with the statistics of medications usage.

Selamat sejahtera, and stay tuned.

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Oh yes! You are in teammalaysia now. :) are you in our discord already? Like didn't notice you there.

Thank you for sharing this useful information for us. I am a Biochemistry graduate so I can understand what you typed.

Also my son has been under treatment at UMMC due to CDH so this type of article will catch my attention. :)

Selamat sejahtera.


Hehe thanks. Yes I'm in UMMC. I rarely on Discord, as I'm busy enough in WhatsApp. Zord189 is the only one has contacted me on Discord.

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What is your handle on discord. I also rarely be there but on and off I will pop in and lurk around. Nice to know you. And happy to know u at UMMC too but I am at KKWKK DEPARTMENT.

Keep sharing this type info. :)


lordkipas#6459. I'll tell you on Discord. You're welcomed.

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