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Steemit Bingo Game #4 Winner(s) Announced

in makesteemitgreat-again •  10 months ago

So probably my favorite sentence ever....

we have @kchitrah who led very early on then was joined by @asapers needing penderis to Bingo, and @penderis needing tamala to Bingo and @tamala needing @dreemsteem to Bingo.

Now everytime @Penderis messes with me I'll just tell him, yeah, but you need me to Bingo.

So in the interest of good karma and rejoicing that I actually won a contest (which seriously NEVER happens), I've sponsored 1 SBI for @kchitrah, @asapers, @penderis for their near win. @dreemsteem for being my lucky charm and @fibrefox for hosting a really awesome game.


Thanks Everyone!! XXXOOO ~T

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Thank you so much from the @asapers and congrats on the win. Its fun getting involved.

I can't say enough about the great support and enthusiasm shown by all the people from welcomewagon! You have changed the way that Steemit Bingo will be played in the future for sure, so thanks for being a trailblazer :D