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Steemit Bingo Game #4 Winner(s) Announced

in makesteemitgreat-again •  last year  (edited)

Nice going @tamala (Taamahla) , and a very exciting draw, it was like and the bikes come around the final bend there was a crash tamala swerves just in time and and and she takes it !!!! The crowd roars. Nice call @plushzilla

Speaking of bikes am I getting colours? Ooooh suckit badass bikers with your actual bikes and things needed to get colours, just enter steemit bingo.

Thank you for a nice contest, and highlighting all the great groups out there.

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This wouldn't be possible without all the people that are working behind the scenes of all the wonderful groups supporting our newcomers! To get such a great response from the people at welcomewagon and the other groups really makes everything so much easier :)