MakeMeSmile Season 2 Episode 12 Results / MakeMeSmile 第二季第十二集 成绩揭晓

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Another week passed by... Half of March is gone... Almost end of the first quarter of 2019... How's your 2019 so far? No matter what happen, just remember there's always someone, something that is there to make us SMILE...

Thanks to these four lovely participants who have shared their SMILE with us. @annepink @kadishakho @halleyleow @olymim

From this week onwards we have one more prize thanks to @tattoodjay... He will sponsor one SBI to one lucky winner!

Since we have four participants, and we already have three prizes, I have decided to add in one more SBI so that everyone's a WINNER!

@olymim is a new friend who just join Steem... And is using @partiko actively so Partiko Special is yours this week!

@halleyleow will accept the SBI from @tattoodjay

@annepink and @kadishakho will each receive one SBI from me.

Wish everyone a great Tuesday! And a reminder here... Tomorrow is the third Wednesday of the month, our second WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile Special Edition is ON! So remember to share your WALK and SMILE with us!


感谢四位和我们分享了令他们微笑的事物。@annepink @kadishakho @halleyleow @olymim





祝大家有个愉快的星期二!温馨提醒,明天将会是三月的第三个星期三了。我们的特别版WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile即将再次启动了。欢迎大家把你们在散步中发现发生的有趣的微笑分享给我们吧!


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Glad to help out witht eh challenge @halleyleow one SBI share on its way to you :)

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