Make It Healthy Project: A Brief Introduction

The month that I've been away from Steemit feels more like a year.  It's not exactly been a restful month, but plenty of good things have been happening.  And now I'm glad to be back... hello again!  

I've spent much time in the kitchen, and as much time out and about as the weather permits.  Here we are on another stormy night, though this time minus the polytunnel... which was crucified in the last storm.  RIP polytunnel.  Donegal, Ireland, is not the best place to live if you're attempting self-sufficiency!  Darnit.


In other news we have another member of the family... this beautiful young cat we call Cleo, who is adored by our other cat Happy Monday, and equally adored by my 2 year old son.  She's so laid back, just like the rest of us.  Puuuuuuurrrrrrfect. 

It wasn't exactly a white Christmas, but on Christmas morning I opened the curtains to see snow on Muckish mountain, so I reckon that counts.


Now - project news!  As many of you know I've been planning this “Make It Healthy” project for ages... and so here it's finally beginning, but not in the way I originally planned.  Honestly, it's so much work running a contest (ask any other host they will confirm!), and after hosting the Steemit Culinary Challenge for nine months I really don't feel like I can get myself into another similar set up.

So instead I'm taking a laid back approach.  Following the example of my young 'uns here...


Rather than approach it contest-style, with prizes and sponsors and all the rest, I'm just going to start gently and see where the project takes itself.    

I'd love for it to become not just my project, but our project... and any of you wanting to help its growth can link into it.  For example, you can adapt my main project title to create your own post series, such as “Make It Healthy Food Contest”  or “Make It Healthy Recipes” or “Make It Healthy Ireland” or “Make It Healthy Weight-Loss Tips” or “Make It Healthy Yoga”... Wherever your imagination takes you is fine by me, just as long as what you share is genuinely good for health.   

This project isn't limited only to food but includes all areas of health - whether physical, emotional, social, spiritual.  It'd be so helpful for the whole community to find out more about what kind of 'good health' things are happening in your local area or country, or what you're personally doing to encourage good health in your family or social circles.  But please please please - in recipes or recommendations I don't want to see any sugar or processed or refined or artificial rubbish associated with "Make It Healthy" or this @woman-onthe-wing will be swooping down full force, cawing wrath!!!

If you do any posts for this project, remember to tag with #makeithealthy to ensure all this invaluable information, recipes, tips, whatever is all in one easily accessible place.  And it's even better if we re-steem each other's posts too.  The point, after all, is not only to gain SBD and followers for ourselves, but to help inform and heal whatever parts of the world are within our reach.

For more from the Make It Healthy Project, and all kinds of information related to good health, crafts, photography... follow me! 

Many thanks, much love.


Happy to see you're back! Looking forward to your new project, lady :)

Thanks very much Ann! :-) Hope all is well with you? Any projects of your own? Sorry I haven't yet had chance to do the rounds of all my pals and see who'd been up to what!

You're very welcome! Happy New Year to you as well :D!

Ah, I'm not starting any projects any time soon, maybe I should? I've been doing some curating for Whaleshares curation team which is fun, this is it so far!

Great post my dear friend!!! Congratulations

Welcome back, we all need a break at some stage to recharge.
Great ideas coming forward.

Hey there @biglipsmama, nice to hear from you! Hope all is well in NZ? You're totally right, we all need to re-charge or the old brain starts to get a bit wonky :-) Have you been up to much yourself? I remember you mentioned you were working on some ideas for health promotion in NZ... :-) Anything you want to link to this project, by all means, do whatever you want!

Just been recharging also, summer holidays for the kidlets.
Have some posts in mind to catch up on the to do list that could be link to this project.

Well prior to now, I heard a lot about you, now can we start the introductions?

Hi there @josediccus... I'm intrigued what you've heard about me... all good I hope ;-) If you have any posts you want to do related to health, feel free to tag them with #makeithealthy and I will re-steem... and you can use 'Make It Healthy' in your post title. Any way of spreading good posts about good health will get my vote!

See a whole lot of good things really, and em honestly they didn't lie one bit,
Certainly I will use the tag when I write on the topic thank you so million for giving me a listening ear

Welcome back! I will happily use the tag as I always love to spread the word on living a healthy full life. 🤣 Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Hiya @plantstoplanks, I thought you'd probably pop up to say hi! I'm thrilled you're still keen on the idea of this project, I know how you like to share all kinds of wonderful info and recipes, and they're so important to keep sharing! Let's raise a glass to the future and good health!

Sounds like a great project, and my brain is buzzing about ideas. If I could think of something, I will sure post it and use the tag #makeithealthy! Thank you for your support behind the screen :-)

I' delighted to hear you're working on ideas already! Fantastic! I will try to re-steem all healthy posts I see so using the tag will definitely help :-) Yeah, I think in a way we have some kind of duty to share our knowledge and what we can do for the good of people around us. No point understanding how to be healthy and keeping it all to ourselves! Good luck to us all in this project!

Nice project and welcome back!
I was away for a while as well but back to stay!
Good luck, will see u around :)

Ah, welcome back to you too then @cooknbake! At least compared to this time last year the price of steem is great, and I think that helps draw people back even when they take time away! See you around I have no doubt!

I know! I left a bit more than a month:) but Im back and many new things have been happening, especially the increase in the steem price! 🕺💃💪
Good to have you back and good to be back! See you around soon 🤗

Welcome back!

Hi! Thanks @realmeandi! Will surely see you around plenty, and I wish you good steeming in 2018!

Thank you!
Same to you too! ☺

Wonderful idea and wonderful project! Very inspiring! I am looking forward to the future posts! Good luck and great success!

Thanks so much @pusteblume! I see you're doing lots of great stuff yourself... so cheers to you and here's hoping this Steemit year will bring good health to more and more people!

welcome back!
I'm glad to see you back!
I hope this one gets to be a success!

Thanks very much! I will do my best with this project, but limited time means I'm not expecting massive rewards from my posts... I don't think it's possible unless I neglect mothering or stay up late and miss sleep! But I really hope people take their ideas and make themselves part of the project... then it won't be mine but ours :-) I am looking forward to seeing where it takes us anyway!!!

Welcome back! I've started posting again as well, and hopefully will be able to sustain about three posts a week on an ongoing basis. Are you envisaging makeithealthy being in the title, or can I go back and add the tag to some of my recent posts? I love your choice of title, because it encompasses whatever each person considers healthy. No judgement!

Hey there @kiwideb! Great to see you're back too :-) It's really hard finding time to post frequently isn't it? We can only do what we can do!

Feel free to use the #makeithealthy tag, and also 'Make It Healthy' in your titles too... However you want to use the words is absolutely fine by me! The more healthy stuff we get out into the world the better, and I'm not one for being possessive about things :-) Thanks so much for stopping by and your encouraging words... It's hard to get back into the swing of things after time of absence, as you likely know yourself! So I will make sure to regularly check the #makeithealthy posts people do and upvote, re-steem etc. Cheers Deb, see you around plenty now I hope!

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