I am glad I seen this, I forgot I lent bellyrub bank money. Very unorganised, changed the terms of the loan mid way, and I now see then have not repaid on time.

I lent 35 SBD and 40 SBD on conditions of repayment every 2 weeks for 3 months. that was on the 2017-08-10 08:26:24 UTC and 2017-08-29 10:25:03 UTC

so far I have received 4 repayments of

7.410 SBD 2017-08-22 03:19:51 UTC

1.330 SBD 2017-10-22 20:46:30 UTC

1.310 SBD 2017-10-22 23:56:27 UTC

1.330 SBD 2017-09-23 02:23:45 UTC

The best I can say about @bellyrub / @bellyrubbank / @zeartul is that I don't think they are trying to scam I just think they are incompetent.

My advice is read the above message and see how unorganised this investment request is. What are they even offering? Best I can figure is 25% return for 1.5 months?? But don't quote on that. Stay away and invest elsewhere


oh I am incompetent and unorganized, thats why I dont ask people to invest with me.

Also if we are asking for a total of 40K and offering 10K in interest you would automatically see what is being offered no?

no this is not clear. So I can only invest 40K? SBD or STEEM? Does a person investing 10K units get the same % interest as the person investing 100 units? when is repayment? in installments?

Your terms were clearer last time you looked for money.

Minimum Deposit 20 SBD/STEEM
Maximum Deposit ---
Dividend Payments Bi-Weekly
APR 45.00%
Effective ROI in 3 months 11.25%

yet here we are over 3 months since my first deposit of $40.

By now I was meant to have received $40 + $18 in bi-weekly installments. I have received less than $10

My second installment 2 weeks later of $35 should be fully paid in 3 days paying out $35 + $15.75, I have only received $1.31

In total I have received $11.38 of the $108.75 I am owed (half 2 days from now and the other half is already 16 days late)

So heres what I am going to do, if I do not receive the $108.75 SBD I am owed in 2 days i will be writing a post about it. And I will purchase $100 worth of votes from @minnowbooster, @booster and other services.

As SBD is very expensive at the moment, I am not unreasonable and I will accept STEEM at the USD rate.

Wow, that would be huge. I didn't quite get what you are asking for. Do you like us to invest into @bellyrub?

Please add STEEM to @bellyrub service, SBD is too volatile and pricey (!:)P!) right now.

Since you cancelled it can i have my sbd back

Hello @bellyrub and @zeartul
I didn't receive upvote or refund.
Please fix that sent 27 hours before 15 SBD for

Get used to it

Here a summary of what you are saying.
You want to raise 40K to buy a lot of steempower and you need funds so you will pay $10k in interest to all investors. There no min to invest more invest more interest and more % to free voting correct? And you can invest in sbd and steem but amount must be $40k.
You might want to make an article telling on how to invest for the are pretty confusing.

just sent the only sbd I got,... getting that belly fatter :P
you go sir! =)

Then its not a belly rub, its a rub whatever you want

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This is a great investment opportunity. I cannot afford to miss this.
Pls what is the minimum steem to invest

Its nice however you never make a profit from it its more just for getting your posts seen and trending/hot and actually ends up costing you money.

This looks like a scam to me. Much better to just invest some time writing good content and building a real following than to pay for votes.

I'll tell you what, I got something for you that you can rub.

Hey @bellyrub I have not received my upvote from 15 hours ago, could you look into this? Thanks

Since you cancelled it can i have my sbd back