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Beautiful. Happy New Years 2019. Upvoted. Thank you so much. I'm Oatmeal. Have a beautiful day.


nice to meet you Oatmeal 😃


Have a lovely day. I am sad today. I want to tell you why.

Two Genders?

I am getting downvoted for saying there are only 2 genders. Click here to see who is attacking me. I am being flagged for making this meme about Caren who was at GameStop on Friday, the 28th of December, 2018. The viral videos went all over the Internet. This post was downvoted for describing biology. Did you see that show on YouTube, the Radical Cram School (RCS) and what they do to little kids?

he she man gamestop misgendered caren 2018 meme npc sjw oatmeal joey arnold infowars drudge trump obama woman trasgender

Steem to the Moon this Year and we are going to buy the land out there for vacation lol


Man theres plenty of it left. Just be sure to find the perfect spot. By a stream... so you have water😂😂😂 in case of the apocalypse

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lol backup Plan indeed ; )

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