Do you know what ‘returning resident’ means?

With many people still on holiday or heading back home, one might assume ‘returning resident’ refers to those coming from a nice holiday destination. Actually, it does, but in the very PC state of California, the term ‘returning resident’ will be used to refer to those getting out of jail.

Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”

Basically that means that a guy sent to jail for a robbery committed while high on drugs will now be described as ‘a person with a history of substance use, who has recently been involved with justice, is now a returning resident to the beautiful city of San Francisco.
The reasoning behind this new PC language is that convicted felons should not bear the stigma of their bad behavior.
Since I have no plans of moving to California I find it quite funny!

Lately I have been wasting a lot of time scouring mainstream media sites to find interesting stories to use for the RL writing gig so I feel under an overload of crap, which is why I decided to share some of it with you!

I won’t even go into all the consternation surrounding Trump’s recent reference to doing God’s will by going into a trade war with China. For the brainwashed liberals it’s ample proof he’s mental. I, however, remember a time when George W. Bush said he was doing God’s work by going to war with Iraq! Or maybe it’s just that US presidents have a special relationship with the Almighty. God knows!

However, I will mention a post from Newsweek on breaking the taboo of eating human flesh. Cannibalism is the most used example when discussing the Overton window - a propaganda technique that is used to introduce unthinkable ideas into public discourse, as a first step to making them acceptable. The Newsweek article stops short of saying we should actually revert to cannibalism, but makes it clear it’s just a problem of repulsion we could overcome. Personally, I don’t see how cannibalism would be on anyone’s agenda, but as someone pointed out floating the idea that there’s no real problem to eat human flesh is a form of dehumanizing people. What else can you understand when you’re told eating human flesh is no different from consuming beef or pork. We’re all animals, aren’t we?
At least I hope the article sent some vegans into a fit, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a rationing to make it morally acceptable. You could make it a question of consent, a word so dear to the liberals. If I consent to being eaten after I’m dead, then it’s OK, I guess!
Hope you’re doing something more fun than reading stupid news!
Well, maybe not the sort of fun these senior citizens were caught having in a public place... although, it's nice knowing someone is having a good time...

Thanks for reading these stupid news with me....


Ah, it all makes sense now. They know that with the climate cycle giving us longer colder winters and shorter hotter summers, food could soon be in short supply. They get us used to the idea of cannibalism, fattened us up with all the fast foods and convenience foods and problem solved........or I could just be crazy;)

And we could save a lot on funeral expenses...
Anyway, if we ever come to that I wouldn't advise anyone to feast on my remains, I have a feeling they might get food poisoning!

Hahaha, have you ever seen the film Soylent Green? The shape of things to come perhaps.

I saw it long time ago and wasn't that smart back then...

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"Basically that means that a guy sent to jail for a robbery committed while high on drugs will now be described as ‘a person with a history of substance use, who has recently been involved with justice, is now a returning resident to the beautiful city of San Francisco."

Sounds like a very nice guy, possibly dating material!? Uahahhahaha! 😂

I wouldn't bother myself with what the Americans are doing. I have the feeling they are entering a spiral of self-destruction and their empire is near its end.

For me, 9/11 was the turning point. Americans have not only failed to catch the main culprits (Israel and Saudi Arabia) but they ended up falling under a Stockholm Syndrome spell. Oddly enough, Americans love the Israelis and Saudi Arabians who murdered over 3000 of their own friends in 9/11. It's unreal.

Americans have not only failed to catch the main culprits.

I wouldn't say failed as that would imply they tried, which I doubt.
On the other hand, you're right - it is unreal to see the Americans so comfortable in bed with those people, while they're busy picking fight with everybody else. Trump is about to come to Europe at the end of the week and we can expect a lot of angry comments directed at their European allies, like he did last time.
And, no, don't worry, I'm not bothered in the least with what they're doing over there, just that I read so much crap I thought it was worth writing a post.

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