Magickal Steemians: Getting Organised

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Conjuring up some steem, scaring your facebook friends.

Magick seems like somewhat of a fringe subject on steem at the moment, but our numbers grow swiftly. However it can prove difficult to find each other in the current way the site is organised. So for this reason I have been encouraging magickal steemians to follow each other. As has @solomansservant in his CALLING ALL MAGICIANS post.


Unlike on facebook where a single specific tradition or path can attract thousands of members in a group, we don't really have the luxury of splitting off into different specialities here on steem. If we want our magickal posts to be successful, then witches, sorcerers, thelemites, shaman, chaos mages, Discordians, trollkonas, trollkarls and others will have to learn to transcend our differences, get over our differences in technical jargon, and learn to cooperate.

SteemMagick Discord Server

To aid us in this quest I have set up a discord server, SteemMagick. This chat service works in the browser, but is best if you install the app. This can be downloaded on Windows, Mac and Linux. I think there is also an Android version.

Discord has text chat and audio channels. It was set up for gamers as a secure chat service. But I've noticed a lot of steemians use it for various group projects. So it seems a logical place for us to connect. What will we do there? Co-ordinate which magical tags we will use so we aren't using 50 different tags for the same thing. Sharing magical posts with each other, to bring them to each others attention. Making friends. That sort of thing.

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thank you again for the tip...lets do this!!!