Magic Dice Exploit?!

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ok so i was playing magic dice, and i seem to have developed a strategy that works almost all the time and i figured id share, it goes as follows

set your win percentage rate to 37% either over or under depending on your preference, and then play a round with your bet as 0.1, you will either win or lose, if you win do it again, if you lose do it again as well. Now if you lost your second game, then double your bet, and continually double it until you win. thats all i recommend you have at least 96 steem to play with, although the more you have the less chance you have of losing it. i will include my referal link below so you can have easy access and try this out for yourself

Screenshot (2).png


This is utter bullshit. I've tried and it doesn't work. I didn't use your referral link.

well i seem to have had success with it, like i said in my post its not guaranteed, you must have seen it working you probably just dont know when to quit

i stand corrected its because you didnt play enough

To prove this correct send me 100 STEEM I will play like you described and then I will send you back your 100 STEEM.

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To me your post seams like a bait for people to try Magic Dice. I lost 44 STEEM. People can see in my transfers how I played it.

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sorry bro, but i can prove it works by having you look into my transfers, how do i know you arent trynig to scam me

Why do you even care if I scam you when you can get unlimited STEEM from Magic Dice with your "exploit"?

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no where in my post does it say i get unlimited steem you goof, i specifically said "the strategy works almost every time" and if your'e illiterate ill say it again, sometimes it doesn't work. for future i suggest you read as well as think for yourself before you trust anything thats telling you to spend money to make money, good day

So basically you are saying that people shouldn't trust what you write and you didn't find any exploit. Thanks for your honest confession.

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