Working on some new jewelry and dusting off the macro lens.

in macrophotography •  8 months ago

I've spent some time this week working on some new stone and wire jewelry for my Etsy shop this week and have also been trying out my macro lens for the photographs. I still need to work on finding some better lighting and backgrounds for the photos, but its a start and they already look much better than my iphone photos.

I do love the shallow depth of field I'm able to achieve with this lens, I think once I figure out some lighting I'll be able to do some really cool stuff.

I hope you enjoy! You can check out my Etsy shop here. You can also follow my jewelry account on Instagram."








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Awesome, my mum makes her own glass beads and jewellery, she sells all of her stuff at artisan markets and her own website though. these look great though!


I'd love to sell at markets one day, but selling in Greece legally is a nightmare, the taxes and fees are so high its almost impossible to make any money :(


Damn that sucks ass, she just pays a $20 stall fee and then she gets to keep everything she makes. Check out her website.

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