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in #macrophotography4 years ago (edited)

Soooo i'm still alive not really motivated to pick up the camera and start posting new pictures again, but just wanted to test this new "Mana" thing reminds me of World of warcraft where we use a lot of mana in the game ;)

For those of you that actually still read and reply to posts i'm just curious what aa new post costs in mana so here we go


created this picture of the lewisia flower with my Sony a7II + reversed rokkor 28mm 3.5


It costs a ton of mana :P

I'm so pleased to hear you are still alive @stresskiller as I have been calling in often to upvote and support you. I love the irridescent beauty on the petals of these flowers and of course the quality of the shot. You never disappoint.......and thanks you so much for your support over the weeks my friend. It is always much appreciated.

I hope you haven't forgotten where your camera is as I, along with many others need to have their 'stresskiller fix' on a more regularl basis. (lol)

i do know where to find the camera :) it's just that i lack motivation / inspiration to pick it up at the moment.

I do understand my friend. We all go through periods where we lack motivation and inspiration but the good thing is, the talent and skill remains. One day the motivation will return again and it will be the right timing for you @stresskiller It's good to have a break and recharge our batteries from time to time. I send you positive thoughts and encurage you to take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you back in the near future.

GOrgeous shot long time no see I hope all is OK with you

i'm fine JJ :) I just like another world more at the moment then the world of steemit they call it " World of warcraft " ;)

OK thats good t hear :) Our Kids are big into that

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i don't like people spamming on my posts

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what works for me is if friends tell me that something is good , other wise i consider 99% as spam.

Yea, I hear you. There's just so many programs and bots now a days that it's hard to build it up in the beginning. Maybe we could offer a referral bonus or something like that?

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