It's all in the Eyes

Stubby Squid-1.jpg

This tiny little squid is only the size of a quarter. Stubby Squid or Bobtail Squid as they are known in warmer waters of the world are some of the most colourful little cephalopods.

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Hello. Cool. I love it.

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These are really beautiful looking.
The light source was placed on right side of the camera right?
How many lights did you use to achieve this output?

I shoot with duel strobes, Ikelites. Yes the light was from the right.

I know another diver who uses ikelite.
You should check out his pictures.
Thier beautiful 😍😍

Wow very nice picture, where did you take it? The colors are magnifique.

In Victoria BC, Canada.

beautiful!!!!!Merry Christmas!

This is a master piece, very beautiful creature and image , thank you for sharing this one

He is so adorble. I love cephalopods. The colors are amazing too. Are these kept in captivity as well, due to their tiny size? As in private aquaria?

Wow this is surreal! Your photography is great, you definitely have my support!!

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I like the ear like things on it!

Cool thanks for sharing!

Beautiful creature, since I have very little knowledge about under water photography, how did you take this pic, from a tank or you did some diving?

I was wondering that too. ☺️

This Photography Is Fantastic. I Like It and admirable.

Brilliant photo.

Wow unreal shot ! keep up the good work, I make art and take picture I would love some feedback from such a professional will be following for more

A truly amazing creature. As small as it is, it's eyes show a keen intelligence.

Super photo. Very nice to see. You are a true master.

Wow! Nice photo!

what a completely different world. it's a great photo.

It looks like a cow's head :)

Wooww perfect picture @scottdphoto

Damn Scott! That's gorgeous. Underwater photography is no cheap hobby. It must have taken a serious investment to get this photo.

It almost looks like Mickey Mouse.

U captured the beauty of something so small and leaves underwater!? Ur amazing!

Beautiful photo! My first thought was: " When Zoidberg goes to a rave!" Sorry for that hahaha :D

wow stunning picture from you again, like how the blue is reflecting :) Never seen one of this before, superB post :D love it :D

So beautiful. It is attracting me :P

very nice I like it

Beautiful! :)

Mezmerizing!! Resteeming

its looking scary

Underwater magic💛

Now that's one great photo .

Increíble fotografía

I love diving and have been many times underwater, but have never seen anything like this! Great photos @scottdphoto, you are a total PRO!

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