The seed and the water, so much begins here!

While working with some of my @little-peppers on a project outdoors, Pinkie-Pepper noticed some glistening heads of grass seeds. She pointed them out to me and made a comment about how beautiful photos of them could be. Obviously, I thought that it was a good idea.


Not only are these photos peculiar and a bit abstract, but the subject matter is interesting as well. Just imagine where we would be without water or seeds. As I being to plan my garden for this upcoming growing season, I can't help but marvel at how incredible seeds are! Enjoy these photos, and hopefully you enjoy how powerful and strange they are!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Beautiful .. wonderful pictures
Good work done well
Thank you for sharing your experience.

Seed is the Word of God.
Water is Christ.
Seed + Water = Eternal Life

You are correct @papa-pepper

Great, camera work. Looks like Diamonds on string. The synchronization of photography is in metachronous rhythm. Best of best camera work. Which camera it is? I really love the the lost but one.
Simply great......


Wow! I'm amazed :)
Thanks for sharing!

Cool! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Good job @papa-pepper amazing photography, I like it the post. Thanks for you sharing..

Thank you for checking it out!

Your posts are always original and the pictures; crystal clear. That's why you remain the top.

This is really good. She did well by noticing the tiny details. Water is really life. Smart baby you have there.

Thanks, I'll let her know that you appreciated it!

Gladly. Thanks sir.

So glad you put the proof of wet seeds on there. I was real worried those seeds were actually wettened in post. Whew.

Awesome photos. What a great macro job. Thank you for sharing and also you look great to the camera


Wow... these are awesome photography here .. they fascinate so so well... I posted a photo now and just see this... wow... your camera is great .... photos qualify is awesome @papa-pepper

beautiful photos @papa-pepper

It looks like pinkie pepper has a knack for photography. She was right this pictures turned out to be beautiful..

Seeds are wonderful. Inside every seed is a potential tree.

Coincidentally I wrote about seeds yesterday and I watched your video on sola too.

wow....excellent photography.....& wondarful post...i like your post...thank for sharing..

Beautiful photo @papa-pepper. Water and seed are very essential. Thank you for sharing

Good job papapepper amazing fhotografi, great camera,

Hey @papa-pepper ! May I ask you what kind of camera do you use, and what kind of lens?

Always interesting to compare different apparatus and how they look on picture.

There is a coral in the ocean that looks a lot like your photograph, in what I find I will share it with you.

It's amazing how beautiful things we normally overlook become when we stop to really look at them. Just see how the water droplets cling to the straws... little perfect spheres

Wow, your new camera takes really great pictures. :D If you hadn't said that is was grass seed with dew on it before you started I would have thought it was a feather with dew on it in some pictures. They're beautiful shots though and @pinkie-pepper was absolutely right, they were worth taking. :D
God bless you and the whole pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Nice Makro photography there big boss. Cheer$;)

These are spectacular images. I love how the little droplets can act as miniature mirrors, reflecting the grass and water around them.

They are so beautiful and mesmerizing.

I love to see nature and animal pics.

Can you do a post which has pics of some wild animals?

I love wild animals, especially when their pics are captured in their most natural ways and not in zoos.

I would love to see such a post with your talents, skills.

If you still coming stop by that would be way cool to meet you.

I love the refractions!
which cam do you have now? the shots are so damn clear!

Canon REBEL T7i

The photos are awesome as always.

Kinda of looks like it could also be a wet caterpillar 🐛 💦

I love when u can look at an abstract and see whatever y want too lol

Wow.. nice shoot and nice post..

I love the post is so interesting and a motivation for beginner steemit like me.@papa-pepper

She touched the underside of the plant. The dew moistening her hand. It reminded her of mornings at the cabin with her family. Happier times. Now the plants provided cover for her escape. She had been running all night under the cover of darkness. However now she had to move more deliberately. She knew she only had a few days before they noticed she was gone....

Post Stories by @jfolkmann

Water is life to everything...Good shots.

More reasons I need a macro lens...

Great work! :)

You really do need one! When is your birthday?

Heh, heh. 07/07. ;D

Super nice! a complete small world in front of us!

I don't think Pinkie-Pepper has fallen far from the tree. She has a good eye for photography. She was absolutely right. These are amazing photos. We wouldn't have any gardens worth posting about if we didn't have water, not to mention not much food either!

No kidding! LOL (goat joke... lots of goats lately too!)

Amazing photos ... very abstract..but very unique and can add science to me..thank you papa-pepper ..I like you

amazing pictures thanks

Love the work! Those water droplets are incredible!

Yes they are!

nice work , and nice lens

Those are great close ups! You must have a very nice lens for such clear shots. I do enjoy taking pictures of this sorts as well but I've been getting into ice pictured lately ! Hope to see more in the future

I have some sort of macro lens recommended by @winstonwolfe.

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Wow! I'm amazed :)

Wow the information is fresh and educating am happy i went through your post am looking forward to more. Amazing camera work.

In the macro-world everything seems to be beautiful 🧐 nice job!

It really does make things beautiful!


Lovely photos, congratulations!

Thank you. I am blessed to now be able to capture such photos!

Truly amazing. The magic of nature

your work with those photos was excellent I congratulate you

This photo speaks for itself. Nature is absolutely beautiful water is life.

Glad that you liked it!

truly captivating photography! keep up the great work!!

Speechless! Crazy how you have such an eye for detail. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Hey bu fotograflar harika, çok başarili 🙌

Looks awesome, great camera work btw

Ya right. Don't waste your time online. Invest it in Steemit.

"Nature does not have organs of speech, but it creates languages and hearts, through which it speaks and feels"

What is it @papa-pepper.... I have never seen what type it is

My vote for you, give me your vote for me

Exquisite dew drops glistening in the sun. Beautifully captured @papa-pepper I feel it is only fair to warn you that Pinkie Pepper is showing an early penchant for diamonds. She's loving those sparkly jewels of nature. (:

LOL - You don't think that she'll settle for dewdrops on weeds?

Haha.....Somehow, I don't think so @papa-pepper You could try, but be prepared for a daughterly rolling of the eyes and a sigh of forbearance. (: Unless of course, you have a wealthy son in law lined up down the track.

amazing photography Good job @ papa-pepper, I love posting it. Thanks for your sharing ..

Wow....amazing photography, beautiful nature, nice post, thanks for sharing

beautiful sets of photos

Nice photos

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