Typical Coffee Sugar Aceh

Filtered coffee is a traditional aceh coffee served in the classic way typical of Aceh. Coffee strain is what makes Aceh coffee more enjoyable. While enjoying Aceh coffee, not only enjoy the flavors presented, but also the traditions and cultures contained within Aceh's cup of coffee.
There are two areas of coffee production in Aceh, namely Ulee Kareng and Gayo. Ulee Kareng Coffee is a type of robusta coffee from Ulee Kareng sub-district, while gayo coffee is a kind of arabica coffee. Especially for Ulee Kareng coffee with very concentrated color characteristics, almost all coffee shops in Aceh especially Banda Aceh serve this coffee, because the processing technique that keeps its own uniqueness and presentation is different from the way of serving any coffee around the world.
Kuy cobble loud Aceh coffee and create a delicious coffee taste


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