Rule of Thirds 🔎 Macro photography

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"Back to basics"

Last time we talk about what is true macro photography, but today let's get back to basic.
How will you compose your photos, will make the difference. If you are into photography, you know the "rules of third" and "golden ratio".

Here is the perfect example.I made a nice blurry background and a foreground, so that the subject, that is in the focus will pop up. This rules will help you take better photos. With time, you will learn, that it's NOT always good to follow the rules!
But it's a good base to start...

So, start experimenting with different ratios and you will see the difference in your photos... and remember it's the imagination, that is the key to the good photo.

Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 50mm
Set: F5 / shutter 1/160 / Iso 300
Light: Ex. flash, led light. sunlight

I hope you enjoy the photo and are excited to see more amazing footage, so don't forget to follow me👍

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko



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Great demonstration of the basic rule.
Superb photograph

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Cool photo .... I like it :) .... I was think how this bug looks when in the background there just blue . :))
And I hope there day cool ... here In Estonia day very dark and rainy :))

Thank you for your support @foxkoit ✌️ Will try to shoot in blue background 👌 cool idea 🍀
Greetings from rainy Graz, Austria 🇦🇹

you are welcome :)

Wonderful, I have to try to capture moving object sir, maybe lucky and bad result, not lucky and no picture. Hehe. But now a think you are lucky and get a nice shot. Congrat sir. God bless you.

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Here is my TIP for you ✌️
Try to shoot is higher shutter speed (1/300 or more) This will help you freez the subject. The higher the shutter speed, the higher is the sharpnes or the subject ✌️ Try it 🍀
You can also incrise your ISO to 400 🤘

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