🛸 Made a wrong turn and landed 👽 on another planet 🌏

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"True Macro photography"

Looking through a true macro lens, that has at least 1:1 ratio, is a view into another dimension, because you see things, that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Suddenly things, that you never paid attention to, become very interesting.... texture, colors and angels... and the insects, become big weird looking monsters, that looks like from out out this world... 🌏
So, if you are patient and play with a light, you can create photos like this.

It's just a matter of the imagination!

"Do you know my name"?
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Minolta 50mm macro 1:1
Set: F7.1 / shutter 1/160 / Iso 100
Light: Ex. flash, led light

I hope you enjoy the photo and are excited to see more amazing footage, so don't forget to follow me👍

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko



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Thanks @oldtimer. I'm trying to keep it interesting ✌️It's not a clickbait, but I'm walking on the line 😊

wow this is really awesome macro photography...
Perfect click perfect focusing..
Thanks for sharing with us..

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