My entry for the 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #2 by @flamingirl - Day 4 🌼

Basic, about “True”1:1 Macro photography

1:1 Macro is the ratio in which the subject is photography. That means, if you printed an image the same size as your sensor, the subject would appear life-size. It all depends, which digital sensor you have. Full frame (36mm x 24mm DSLR) or what I'm using APS-C sensor (366.6mm2 / 23.50mm x 15.60mm Sony a6000) 👍

But how do you achieve 1:1 macro photo? For that you need a "true" macro lens!

And how sharp is a Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1 lens? 🤔
This is the finished photo, that I made for @flamingirl macro-contest and it will be the base for this tour.

"Where the magic happens"
Photo spec: Cropped to 5991 × 3793
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm G OSS 1:1
Set: F7.1 / shutter 1/125/ Iso 250
Light: Ex. flash, sun light too
Edited: Photoshop
Photo spec: Cropped to 5991 × 3793

Let start with my lens Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1

I love this lens, because it has a built in optical stabilisation, produces the sharpest macros and the F/2.8 is just a the amazing for focus stacking...the list goes on... But, we will be focusing on, how sharp is this lens and still have a nice looking photo. The best way is, if I show you.

Big, but you see the results.
Another good macro lens, that I have, is a Minolta 50mm macro 1:1, but that is another story.

  1. 🔎 This is the photo that the lens produces with my Sony a6000 .jpg resolution 6000 × 4000

  2. 🔎 I shoot in .raw & .jpg so the photo will be edited and color graded in photoshop. Also, I will get rid of the dust spots on the photo (yes, it's time to clean the sensor) and we are cropping the photo to resolution 5055 × 2528, to give it more cinematic look.
    flamingirl day4 06org done.jpg

  3. 🔎 We can go even closer. If we cropped to resolution 3429 × 2214, we still have a nice focus. Still looks good.
    flamingirl day4 02org.jpg

  4. 🔎 We are cropped down to 929 × 1592, using only the shapes part of the subject we have focus on. You wouldn't believe, if you didn't see it. Perfect.
    flamingirl day4 03org.jpg

  5. 🔎 Let do 1045 × 838 resolution. We are getting to the limit, but keep in mind, how small the pollen are...
    flamingirl day4 05org.jpg

  6. 🔎 This is it. To crop it to 424 × 354 resolution is the limit. It has no sense, to zoom even more.
    flamingirl day4 06org.jpg
    Yes, we could play around in photoshop and try to sharpen even more. For that kind of photos, it's better to use another macro lens like 4:1 ratio...

I think you getting an idea, how sharp this photo really is.As you see, this lens produce high quality images. That’s way the downside is, the price... but worth every penny. And I can tell you this. This is not the full potential of the lens. In the winter, I will start doing focus stacking. Can you imagine the sharpness we will get at F2.8 ? 🤗
I'm so excited about that.

I hope you enjoy the tour and if you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow me👍
Yours truly, @marjanko 🍀


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Wowww .. these flowers are looking so awesome at macro 1:1 .. 👏👏

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Nice microscope... Check this series of steemSTEM posts to get some inspiration:


@alexs1320 Thank you, for the inspiration. I hope you like my first review or tutorial, I don't know how to call it 😊 I had fun doing it so, I will do it some more and will focus on things that I love doing it✌️Next will be about water drop photography ❤️


I can't wait to read that one! :)


@alexs1320 I will cover it for A to Z 🤗 As simple as posible 🍀


No, no... Quite opposite. There are 4 levels of rewards: 5, 20, 65 and 100.
Always aim on 65. Make it long, put details, spice it up with some physics/math...

You are making great photos, you are passionate, and your equipment is fantastic. Aim on Curie awards and steemSTEM awards. For Curie, you need some storytelling and for STEM you need a pinch of science


@alexs1320 Thank you very much, for all the support and tips. Now, I'm getting the idea, of what I can do. "Make it long, put details, spice it up with some physics/math" Jap, next week I will do it for the waterdrop macro photography ✌️

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