Marcophotography entry. Short story

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Hello my fellow Steemarians, I set off on an epic adventure through my garden trying to find the perfect photo to enter into @juliank 's photo contest.
Knowing the dangers that lay ahead I had to prepare myself mentally and physically just to overcome this harsh environment. The hot sun above piercing through the trees glaring down and blinding me as I kneel down trying to find the perfect angle. Winds howling through the brushes moving my subject ever so slightly just enough to blur every photo I took. I persevered, and after what seemed like days had passed, I got back inside.
I was safe once again.

However, I have no idea what this flower is called and if anyone knows please could you let me know.

Thank you!


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Category - macro/nature
Camera - Canon REBEL T4i / 60mm f/4 1/100sec ISO-2500

Taken by @Marco42


beautiful colours!! really I like this!! I follow you

Thank you very much @dabird

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An awesome photo - I think the flower may be a Rudbeckia, commonly called Gloriosa Daisy, but what ever it is , it is a great photo - well done!

Awww thank you @michelle.raymond ill look it up :D

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very nice capture, love the bright colours!

Very nice shot.follow you.

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