I am not well versed too. All I know is it's a butterfly. 😊

Always an adventure trying to find out though @pinay thanks for visiting

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Thanks @photocontests love photography as an amateur

Swallowtail Butterfly looks amazing!

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very beautiful friend @joanstewart

Nature is beautiful, thanks for visiting @afril

yes friend, that is very true @joanstewart

Looking at the face on the first Photo, I would hate to run into a ten foot tall one on a Forest Path?

You sure would feel like you had eyes all over you in a forest, creepy thought LOL...

As an entomologist, I am glad I get to see this kind of photo series featuring the life history of a butterfly. Pretty cool @joanstewart, thank you for sharing.

It is amazing what you learn if you keep your eyes open when out and about @dean101

Having visited a butterfly dome I was really on the lookout when in the forest, not sure if these are linked to the same species, this butterfly was quite prevalent in the area. The egg is like a pearl, small and dainty.

I'm not familiar with the species. But if it is prevalent in the area, then there is quite a good chance that the species is the same.

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