The Life Of a Snail

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Hello Steemians

This time I will share a macro object that I found in the elementary school garden where I gathered with my best friend, this object is known as the world's slowest animal, I am interested to take his picture because of his position which happens to be very beautiful angle position to be photographed .. !! This is the shots I took .. Hope you guys like it .. !!


Snails are almost completely blind and have no hearing mechanism at all. With this deficiency, they have a remarkable olfactory ability. They can even smell the existence of food for several meters, which for animals of their size it includes a great distance.


I do not fully know the fact about snails. if friends interested want to know the facts about the snail you can find out on Google. Thank you.

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Thank's for visiting and follow @iskandar05. Vote if you like it and please give your opinion about this photos. See you next time (^_^)

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Wow I really love the top photo. Thanx for sharing these wonderfull pictures.

You are welcome @mrgranville.. And thanks for visit my this post..!!
I hope you have a time for visite my othee post and give some your opinion about my other post.. Please..

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Beautiful photography! thanks for sharing.

Thanks @berry..
I hope you can give me some your opinion about this post.. 😳

My advice would be to find some more information about the snails to post with the pictures instead of just telling users to google them. Make sure and provide the link, source and quote what you find if you aren't putting in your own words.

Hmmm yeah.. Good idea.. @qberry..
Thanks for your idea.. I like it.. 😊