The Dragonflies are Beautiful

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Hello Steemians

How are you..!??I hope all of you are well. I have not posted photography for a few days and this time I want to post one of the animal objects that I found around the office where I work. And today I found a very beautiful object in my view, the dragonfly. I am sure you all must know well with this beautiful little animal .. This I attach some photos I can take. For taking the picture is quite difficult therefore I only get some photos onl.


These animals can be found from the coast to the highlands, they spread and often we find both in the yard of houses, in rice fields, in forests, by the beach, in lakes, in rivers even in urban environments. This dragonfly likes a watery environment to lay eggs, they put their eggs in plants in water, stagnant water or running water.



Although it looks very beautiful, the dragonfly is actually a ferocious insect. Since hatching from eggs, they are carnivores who like to eat other animals. At the time of the larvae, they eat plankton, small fish, and other larvae. As their wings begin to grow, the young dragonfly has a special body part around its head that serves as a stick to make it easier to catch small fish. In adulthood, dragonflies are a natural predator of mosquitoes, so that a large population of dragonfly can be an effective controller in overcoming the spread of mosquitoes in a place.



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Wonderful series!

Thanks @walter-v-ac i hope you can visit my post and give some your opinion to my post...!!!

You're welcome!

I would be very happy and grateful if you want to criticize every shortcoming of my post .. !! @walter-v-ac

If I find the time, than I'll do.

Thanks @walter-v-ac 😁😳

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I can sense your taste of perfection here
Then go sense mine

Hehehehe...!!! Thanks @mhdnashir
Masih bnyak kekurangan yg saya miliki.. Dri postingan saya ini bg.. !! Mhon saranya..

A wonderful color picture .. 👏

Heheheh..!!! Thanks.. @azizisan.. Telah mnyempat kn waktu untuk melihat dan memberikan tanggapan ke postingan saya ni... 😁😁😳

Keren. Padahal ini foto binatang yg biasa dilihat di daerah sini. Tapi karena cara pengambilan fotonya yg beda, taste nya juga jadi beda. Good job kandar!

Makasi kk @hime.sama..!!
Sbenarnya banyak yang bisa dijadikan object fotograph di skitaran kita kk, hanya saja bnyak masih yg tidak menyadari akn hal itu...!! 😅

informasi yang di bagikan jugabermanfaat lho ^^